Hey jimmys91 - too funny as I actually own a MY14 R8 4.2; that and have you keep up with the Ford Focus model RS developments as of late? Although not sure if N. America gets the goods. The VW GTI, Subi whatever model and the like,, lookout! The Ford Focus RS shown at the March Geneva Salon could be a great daily driver. For now, I'll continue to settle for our soon to be 10yo MY06 VW MkV Jetta GLI as the daily driver beast.

As for the automotive HiFi signal chain and amplification, it seems Pioneer garners tier one respect for the head end units, ala the P99RS, etc, for passing signal. But further on down the signal supply chain and they don't know jack shite... I own several of the A-900s (yes the marketing $ level was a stupid ploy) and these are quiet, 110db quiet circuitry executions, of a dual mono design. But why NO respect? Marketing influence getting the best of the day? I dunno.

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That's kinda like saying a Ford Focus and a Audi R8 are both cars and will get you to the same place so they must be the same right. With that said i'm not a huge fan boy of either product but both are good quality amps.