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The SB Acoustics SB29RDCN-C000-4 look like a good match.

Anyone else running these 6.5's?
I'm running the SB's (NVX version) crossed 2434hz 12db with absolutely no problem. Definitely a low-reacher for 2-ways mated to the TM65's.. I wish I had done the TM's rather than the SB17 (NVX version) mids I think. While the SB mids are very very good, the TM I suspect would really fill in the lower mid area on my measurements better to blend in with the sub.

So plan is still if I abandon a 2-way, to go with a TM65, scan mid/tweet up top, so I might do the mids first since they'll mate so good, I'm confident, with the SB tweeter. IF I don't get silly and do the ZR's in the kicks and quit playing around in the doors.