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I'm running the SB's (NVX version) crossed 2434hz 12db with absolutely no problem. Definitely a low-reacher for 2-ways mated to the TM65's.. I wish I had done the TM's rather than the SB17 (NVX version) mids I think. While the SB mids are very very good, the TM I suspect would really fill in the lower mid area on my measurements better to blend in with the sub.

So plan is still if I abandon a 2-way, to go with a TM65, scan mid/tweet up top, so I might do the mids first since they'll mate so good, I'm confident, with the SB tweeter. IF I don't get silly and do the ZR's in the kicks and quit playing around in the doors.
Good to know.

I probably should have got the NVXs. The grills look nice and they are $20 cheaper a pair. . . .

How low are your SB17s crossed? Looks like they drop off a little above 100.

I was looking at the SB17s. I worried a bit about power handling. Have you heard the flutes? If so, how do the SB17s compare? The flutes looks to do much better below 100 on paper. They roll off at 50.