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Good to know.

I probably should have got the NVXs. The grills look nice and they are $20 cheaper a pair. . . .

How low are your SB17s crossed? Looks like they drop off a little above 100.

I was looking at the SB17s. I worried a bit about power handling. Have you heard the flutes? If so, how do the SB17s compare? The flutes looks to do much better below 100 on paper. They roll off at 50.
Yeah the flanges and grills look great I think on the NVX version.
My 17's (NVX XSP65) are also at 2434hz @ 12db.. No issues at all between the two drivers.

The 17's are delivering all the way up to the tweeters in door. They are leveled at 0 and -.5 db in the helix, basically wide open, compared to -16 to -17.25 db (heavily attenuated) for the tweeters. The tweeters are up high, on-axis and powered by the other two channels of the same amp, so to be expected they have to be cut by a large margin.

Truthfully, I should pull in the PDX amp, run tweets off 100w channels, use the other channels for rears (if I install), and bridge the NVX 125x4 into 400x2 for the SB mids and give it a go. I suspect it'd level out more. The PDX "might" (unconfirmed) be cleaner also for tweeter duty.