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Hey mate, great review of the TM65s. Did you ever try these TM65s in 8 ohm configuration? I'll be receiving a pair shortly and I'm trying to decide whether to configure them in 8 ohms or 2 ohms. I'll be using 2 channels from my Mosconi AS200.4 to power them. I'll be running these in a 3way setup with a pair of Audible Physics NZ3as and Focal TN53K tweeters
I didn't try them configured in 8 ohm, but that would be an excellent way to wire them with that powerful AS200.4. In your set up, they could also do well with them wired at 2 ohm - 320 x 2 - set the gain correctly, and then level match in the DSP - these would work beautifully in that configuration. Great choice on the AP NZ's and Focal tweets!