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I'm trying to work with Madisound on doing group buys after I test a product. I started a GB on the scan tweeters with them and the feedback on their end was positive so I'm going to try to keep this kind of thing going when I can. So, I was going to see if there's any interest here on me running a GB for this Satori MW13p-4. If I can get a minimum order of 10 pair, I can get the price down to $245/pair shipped CONUS. At regular price a set would run about $325 shipped. So it'd be a savings of about $80/pair!

I'll get them in and do some impedance tests on them before shipping them out.

Any interest at all? If so, I'll make a "formal" post.
Hello. I'm relatively new to this forum, but I've been looking at these Satori's for a while and would love the opportunity to participate in a group buy if it happens. What's the best way to get in on this?