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Andy learned how to design great speakers. He found a factory that can build what he requested and perform the QC tests to verify the expected performance. They're world class speakers. They're not refreshed/optimized Harman designs.
so, in a thread that is asking for a comparison between the two, you're saying what, they aren't comparable?

just for funsies, exchange where it says "Andy" and put in place, "Harman" and see if your post still holds water.

660Gti, world class? check.

great speakers? check.

built in China? check.

performance verified? check.

do they look the same? no, haha...

but if the guy that was around when Harman put the 660Gti out, says his speakers compare to those except that they are smoother, then I assume he's not afraid to compare them?

Then if he says they are similar, hmm... maybe not optimized, maybe not refreshed, but certainly appear to be stood up against the former best in class, for comparison purposes.