Actually i'd like to hear more on this subject as well! I've always thought you could take 2 different brand drives(front/rear or even to different left/right brand speakers?? ) and pretty much mix and match with a good DSP(with X-overs,Eq's,time alignment ect???) I mean within reason?(Ie: same size driver w/same basic freq ranges ect ect!) As with good dsp you can control output,eq,x-over points on and on! and good speakers and amps are suppose to amplify not color sound(so all should be almost neutral so to speak?) so how much does this really matter???? not to mention the fact that each speaker is theoretically reproducing different instruments depending on whats recorded on that side of the soundstage???(hell it might accidentally sound better with different drivers lol) what a matched setup would do is more than likely make tuning a bit easier??(due to a good setting for 1 spkr in that matched set should be a good start point for the other?) so I hope more people can bring up some good debate on this subject would really like to hear some facts on this!! thanks Jim

Btw this almost makes me wanna build a system out of random(but really high quality)mix and match parts and see just how good it could be made to sound???(then see the look on peoples faces when you tell them what it was built from lol!) I mean where there was not even a matching pair of speakers in whole set up! anyone heard of anyone doing a crazy setup like this??? obviously would have to be doin in a non passive setup(due to speaker/X-over match up issues!)