This is my subjective review.

This is a cheap amp! I think I got mine for under $200 new about 6 months ago. I've had it in mi car since. This amp is driving a set of IA C6 and a pair of SWR-T12's active.

I have used another NVX amp in the past and I had a terrible time with the volume knob being an all or nothing kind of deal. I was told that my gains may have been setup too high, which could be the case. For this amp I am NOT using the bass knob as I have no need for it, I control the sub level through my processor and I am not experiencing this issue.

For being a cheap amp it has worked non stop for six months with absolutely no issues. No noises, no weird stuff at all.

Does it have enough power? That is subjective. To give you and Idea, I drive a car with a V8 engine and an aftermarket muffler, so it is louder than stock. In a highway I can listen to music and totally drown out the muffler at about half volume. So there is a lot of room to get louder. I like my music loud and this amp has power to spare. Some people are concerned about the sub channel not being able to power up subs, not an issue with this amp. I have my gains at just over half and there is plenty of power to shake my rear view mirror. I like my tunes a bit bassy and this amp has no problems.

The amp does not get too hot at all, you can drive it hard for a long time and it will only be a little warm.

Footprint is not the smallest of them all, but it isn't that big either. It can easily fit under the seat of a car.

This amp sounds just as good as other amps I've had in the past. I can tell that when compared to my xtant amps (604x and 1001x, these are the older ones) it has less power. The xtants were very powerful amps. This little amp has just about the same power as my DLS Ultimate A4 and A6. These DLS were big and have just about the same power to my ears. This amp is also more powerful than my Helix Ultimate B2/B4 combo. But I may eventually revert back to the Helix only because they are sexier. This amp is just a black box, nothing pretty about it but it gets the job done.

As far as sound quality goes, I don't know. I honestly can't tell which amp I have owned sounds better than the others. when it comes to tuning my system, this amp will play what ask it to play. Want strong bass? I get strong bass. Want bright highs, I get it. I recently posted a review of the Carbon C6 and the listening was done with this amp. Can this amp play clean and loud? Yes, it can.

Would I recommend this amp? Sure. I think it is awesome bang for the buck and it gets the job done very well.