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In the first post
"Subjectively I can say that I've been using these in my car for the past couple weeks and have been VERY impressed with them. I actually prefer them over the Scan 12m, and the Scan 15m/15w ... but I'm basing these impressions on aural memory which isn't great, so take that for what it's worth."

I have a set of MW13p-4 NIB that i still don't have a use for. If you want to buy them, let me know, im not far from you, in Stone Mountain.
I understand that ErinH prefers the GB40 to the 12M which many respected people consider to be a fantastic midrange. But at this time in my life what I am really enjoying the dynamics of midranges like PHL1120 and the Audax PR170M0. Some that consider those two speakers to be among the best midranges made but many people do not. It is like the Morel sound, some love it others don't understand what the big deal is about.

The Audax's and PHL's can get to 113db on 60 watts and I think the GB40 will max out at 105 -107db on 100 watts which is certainly loud enough but how are the dynamics? It maybe that the lack of distortion of the GB40 at 105db means that it sounds dynamic and open (the opposite of congested). I don't know enough about speakers to say if that is true or not.