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Hello Everyone,

I will be performing a interesting comparison between the following 6.5" component sets:

Massive Audio ZK6
Rainbow SL-C6.2
Helix E62C.2
Hertz HSK165
Morel Tempo Ultra 602

My test bench consists of the following:

Source: Kenwood KDC-X997
Amplifier: EFX 250C2 (100X2 @ 4 ohms, and 125X2 @ 2 ohms)

I am not the best writer so be easy on me! I have always been wanting to do a comparison between some of the lower priced tier components and some of the mid level priced components. It will be intriguing to see how they stack up to each other. I will be performing on axis and off axis evaluations of all the speakers and provide a detailed description of the sound signature of each set. I will also be using an rta to measure each set and will post the results. Just for fun I am going to do a blind a and b comparison. I will have one set on one channel of the amplifier and vice versa (our ears do not lie). By doing this I am trying to ultimately decide which set stands out the best. Some of the product is still being shipped to me from all parts of the world. I predict it will be 1-2 weeks before I have all the product and everything setup. Feel free to ask any questions as I will do my best to answer them to the best of my ability. If anybody is local to me I am more than happy to audition all the sets (from what I recall I do not think this mixture has ever been done before).

6"-7" Mid-Woofer Subjective Listening Test (RESULTS PDF ATTACHED IN 1ST POST)

4" Midrange Comparison Shootout. RESULTS Thread!

and if your using an enclosure. Be sure to read this.

Diffraction Doesn't Have to be a Problem

The first two links are a very good source of how to properly test speakers. For instance. Putting all of them in the same size box is pointless as each speaker has an optimal enclosure volume due to TS specs.