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Read the second post (mine). There is abunch of tests done in very high end drivers by someone else awhile back.

I think this test is kind of a moot point as each driver isnt in its "optimal" enclosure. Throwing one driver in a small enclosure that excels in small enclosures and then throwing another driver in there and saying the second sounds worst is kind of...against the point.

The only fair way imo to test it is in a door panel with possibly even eq'd response. Put them all at the same curve and you'll notice whats different and whats just un-eq'd inherent driver FR.

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I wish you wouldn't assume before asking.

I built an enclosure to resemble a car door environment and setup a listening environment in my house which re-simulates as close as possible with my ability the interior of a vehicle. A majority of consumers will be mounting their midbass driver in the door location which is why to me this seems the most common place to try to re simulate. Yes certain drivers are better in x and some in y but I am testing based on everyday common speaker placement.

The enclosure I built has 1.5 cubic feet of air, shaped like a door panel. Yes all speakers sound different when put in their optimal cabinet however a majority of consumers are not going to go out of the way to fabricate that optimal cabinet in their vehicle (kickpanels, pods etc). To me, my logic, this is one of the most unbiased way of testing a speaker for a car environment due to being placed in a realistic sized cabinet, shaped as a generic vehicle door.