I just added the inifinity kappa perfect to the mini reviews, I also revised some of the ratings and reviews, as I listen to more speakers I have a broader reference of poor vs great quality.

Iinfinity kappa perfect 6.1: Infinity kappa perfect 6.1: First impressions great build quality! The midbass driver is very adequate, smooth sounding but lacking in detail however can handle power very well. The tweeter can be bright if on axis, however the crossover has plenty of adjustment options to control the output. The off axis response of the tweeter is adequate but not great, you will have to use the crossover to boost the tweeter if off axis anymore than 30 degrees. The tweeter does not like being crossed too low as well, even on the passive crossover provided it lacks very fine detail on the lower end of its frequency band. This is still a nice set of speakers by all means but just does not have the level of detail you would expect. 6.5/10

Massive zk6: This set doesn't deserve my time to write a review they are that bad. Do not waste your time, midbass extremely muddy, tweeter is poor quality. 1/10

Alpine type x ref: The midbass was ok, lacked low end authority, and did not like too much power. I was expecting a higher level of detail from the midbass which is simply did not deliver. The tweeter did have top end sparkle but was not the cleanest sounding. The tweeter did not handle off axis as well as some of the others. The build quality of the set was very impressive though. 4.5/10

Hertz HSK 165: The midbass is very unique, it responded fast, was able to play low (not as low as the realm), handle power, and produced a clean full bodied midrange, probably the cleanest sounding midbass of the group so far. The tweeter had excellent off axis performance, had the top end sparkle when needed however at times sounded a tad harsh, little to much sibilance at times, the tweeter was definitely the weak point of the set. The build quality of the set is fantastic. At times can sound too analytical. Overall a very impressive set. Solid 7.5/10

Morel Tempo Ultra: The midbass was the weakest link. It has great low end response however lacked the clarity and fast attack when compared to others. The midbass also could not handle as much power. The tweeter is the shinning gem in this set. Had great top end sparkle, great off axis response, but definitely unique to a specific sound signature. The tweeter could use some more output of the upper midrange to make it sound more full. I would say 5/10 (the midbass needs improvement)

PHD 6.1 Pro: UPDATED ***Turns out the crossover was bad (retested with similar crossover)*** UPDATED: I would define this set as extremely well rounded, very well balanced. The midbass had great low end extension, fast attack, clear, and could handle power. The tweeter had a full body sound, clear, lacked a very minor amount of the top end sparkle but very clean sounding tweeter. The tweeter had great off axis performance, and was crossed low so allowed for a great sound stage and imaging. Highly recommend this set. 8.25/10

Polk MM6501: I am highly impressed with this set. The midbass is definitely great to use in a car setup due to being tailored to infinite baffle. Had great low end extension, extremely fast lower midrange, loved power, however started to break up on certain songs around 3,400+ hertz and in turn lost some detail. It also was a tad too saturated around 2,800-3,200 hertz. The tweeter performed very well, it had good off axis performance, and great top end sparkle, and extremely clear (at time maybe a tad too much high end sparkle). I would say this is probably the most fun set out of the group (does really well with electronic/techno music), even though it is not necessarily the clearest. I would rate a solid 7/10

Realm LSC6: Out of the entire group this set could handle power the best. The midbass had the best low end extension out of the group, was extremely clean sounding, however not as fast reacting. The tweeter had the most top end sparkle out of all the sets however is crossed so high it has poor off axis performance and is not practical to use in a vehicle unless you are doing custom fabrication to aim the mid and tweet in the kick panel together. I wouldn't call this set a reference quality but definitely a great sound set of speakers. If I were competing in sql I would be running these. I think I am going to make some bookshelf speakers for my study with these. I would rate 6.5/10

Focal 165AS: This set had the classic Focal sound signature, great dynamics, high end sparkle and very clear sounding. The midbass lacked low end output however had was very clear but weirdly not very tight sounding. The mid played so high up due to a high crossover point which left a poor soundstage. The tweeter played very clear however again, because of how high crossed the soundstage was very poor. The tweeter also performed poorly off axis. I would rate 5.5/10