@ Gstokes

This is exactly the type of question that can influence the choice of components used in a setup and is therefore a good one to ask and try to figure out what is true, myth or misconception. It's also good ammunition against bad sales tactics ("yeah you have no choice, you really need to buy this 2000$ item to match your two-way set, got to be the same brand else your investment will be ruined".

@ Drop1

Acknowledging your experience with all drivers having a different colour signature (it's not like every other line we read won't talk about Focal's brightness/harshness for example) and looking back upon 25 years of experience, would you say you found overall results more pleasant when matching brands or when ignoring it and going by specs alone? I suppose different brand/series drivers could all add their touch of colour to the overall sound palette and make every combination sound a little different.

@ all the high horse riders

Don't mind me, I live in a world where sellers hook up 10 different brand drivers to the same source and toggle between them to demonstrate the intrinsic sound difference, and where all drivers by brands like Morel are sold for 10 times the amount of other brands even though 'they all sound the same' so I am quite happy to explore this concept. Call it part of my learning process until I achieve enlightenment. I don't want to come across as overly sarcastic but I have yet to read a threat on this forum that doesn't end up talking about "the idiots that have ruined the forum" and the "good old days long gone". Consider this paragraph a preventative fix. Just this thread has answers like 'OCD' when it is so obviously a genuinely good target for myth and misconception analysis.