It's cool, Jazzi understood and gave a really good answer, so did Bayboy. And I'm all for humour, although mine tends to be a bit deadpan and stealthy it's healthy enough to get the jokes.
As far as my project goes I'm still at the inquisitive stage, which is a few iterations of looking around, reading a lot, putting down some markers and starting again. Right now it's a case of having way too many questions still which means I still have research to do. Stuff like ok my OEM has a 2 way door install with inline capacitors for the tweeter, so 1) figure out if I'm stuck with those, 2) figure out if it's better to keep those, 3) in fact would I want to keep all original wires and run new ones through...I have about 2000 of those so I have some work to do still.