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The Aux input unfortunately runs seperately a the high level inputs. I need the rears of the high level input as that is connected to my rear parking sensors sound. So i I have music playing on the aux, I will not hear my parking sensors sound. Thats why i am checking if it is possible to convert rca back to speaker level and to do so at a good enough quality level.

Can you explain more about the android device? i do not see it on your web site.

I assume I need to purchase the apl workshop as well to measure the car response? Or does it come with the apl1?
And what about Optical SPDIF-Toslink input?
You should use an Android device of your choice - a phone, a mini PC, a head unit - to play your music (it probably will replace your idrive). Than it is possible to run the APL`s equalizer on such device as an app. Workshop software and APL1 unit are products that are creating a set but they are being sold separately. You should have Workshop to create EQ files for app on Android device.