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I ended up buying the EC3s.

You all need to be VERY CAREFUL.

There are many, many, many counterfeit EC3 connectors on the market.
I ended up buying EC3s from E-Flite. Hopefully, this is a reputable manufacturer.
Whats considered a counterfeit EC3 connector? Is the design patented?

I had a small timeframe in my life where I tried the RC helicopter hobby. So delt with a lot of wires and these tiny connectors, batteries, etc. There have been some issues with EC3 connectors. The positive socket isn't recessed, so there is a ring around the edge that can easily short out against the negative plug. At least in my experience. The guys in the Heli world do like EC5 or XT60's better. I'm not speaking for everyone, and maybe I had a cheaply made set when I used EC3's. Just be careful with either and pay close attention. If you get namebrand Deans they are incredibly easy to solder and work great.

For guys wanting to know
Deans - 50 amps
EC3 - 60 amps
EC5 - 120 amps
PRC6 - 200amps