CAudio makes a very important point.
i work at a hobby store and fly r/c aircraft.
there are many imposters when it comes to all these connectors.
this isnt a big deal for speaker connections but consider this :
the imitations use very cheap plastics that cannot withstand heat, and the metals
are substandard, which means the current carrying capabilities are usually about
1/3rd of what the genuine connector is rated for.

e-flight is pretty good.
Deans products are very good
if you want the best look for Castle Creations products, especially if you want larger
connectors for powers and grounds, their designs are FAR superior and can handle
hundreds of amps.

there are so many choices of connectors at a hobby shop that it would take
a very long post to list and describe them all.
remember that they are no different than anything else we buy : you get what you pay for.

you will also find that nice high strand silicon jacket wire in many guages at a decent hobby
store, really nice stuff to work with.
and dont forget a good quality solder ! look for " racing " solder, it will have a good
percentage of silver in it especially designed for low resistance.

toss that silly 15 watt soldering iron and buy at least a 30 watt.
there are adjustable irons that are affordable and well worth it.