In my experience, I am able to discern variations in Sound Quality using the right tools and internet videos.

Others have contested my findings, and stated their opinion, which contradicts mine.

It is my opinion that if one has the proper tools, and has critical listening skills, then one can hear differences and thus make determinations of varying degrees of the quality of sound.

The tools needed to discern differences need to be of quality high enough with enough resolution to disclose said differences in the first place.

I have a Macbook Pro and a set of Audio-technica ATH-ANC7B headphones.

Obviously, if one just uses computer speakers, or a cheap $15 set of ear-buds the resolution will not be high enough to hear differences.

Here are 4 links to internet videos using the same equipment in the same room recorded with the same recording device. The only variable is the speakers.

There is one brand of speakers that, to me, stands out apart from the rest in regards to tonality and the sound stage they throw.

So my questions, for those of you that have a good set of headphones is:

1. Can you actually hear differences via internet videos.

2. Can you form an opinion of Sound Quality via listening via internet videos.

3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, how would you rank the following 4 pairs of speakers in terms of SQ (1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest.)

To me there is one brand of speaker that clearly and obviously stands out above the rest. I'm curious to see if others can tell as well?