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1) They are all playing different tracts (no clue about quality in recording differences alone between the tracts)
2) and at the very least, videos C & D are from a different distance than A & B.
3) Video B has a set of speakers now on the table right next to one of the new speakers playing, no doubt this has some effect on the frequency response.
4) Video D is using a different amp
5) Speakers in Video C are spaced way differently and sitting next to other speakers would would change the response
6) No way to tell the differences in the playback volume

Do you know for a fact that all the videos have the exact same compression, or are you guessing they due based on the fact they are from the same person?

How is the only variable the speakers?
There is no way in hell you could get the first pair of speakers (A) to sound like the third. I don't care at what volume level, where you move the microphone, or what you do. It is clear that the speakers in the third video (C) have a higher SQ with both tonality and the stage they throw. If you don't recognize that, then I was right about your critical listening skills.