I recently decided to upgrade my mid bass drivers in my truck. I went with the Audio Development Vipera F6. A choice I don't regret 1 little bit! I chose these for a couple of reasons, #1 I liked what I saw on the spec sheet for starters. #2 after hearing a set that was it for me. These drivers while sounding natural and providing good detail can produce some serious punch. I have them running in an ib set up right now on 150 watts ( which is half the rated wattage ) and I really am blown away at how these have improved my over all system. They blend better with both my sub and mid range drivers than the previous driver did. When I think back on all of the other 6.5" mid bass drivers I personally have used over the last 30 years, I cant recall even 1 that I have used that dug as deep as what the F6 does effortlessly. Yet they stay smooth and detailed while doing so. These drivers certainly made me a huge believer in Audio Developments product lines!