Cool video thank you seafish.
I live right around them, and got some friends working there. So started to play with the "how to listen" tool because they always need trained people for their stuff. They want more of a specific level, I don't remember the details but maybe 6 or 8/10. But damn' it's hard, got easily to half level, then some tasks were easier to go full score, but some others are pretty hard. Hard to beat the 50% when you have 6 or 7 EQs to choose from.

Well it's hard because it's boring too, as I don't want to use my tracks to stay close to their need. So far I only used my headsets, maybe I should try in car. At least it will be more fun. And maybe enlightening (or not )
Did you guys try the tool? What are your scores? Harman How to Listen: Welcome to How to Listen!
But if I ever go in the test facility I'll let you know here!