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Picked up a couple rolls of this today, butyl with aluminum. Feels very very much like some of the expensive stuff out there....though I'm no conniseur.

I've always had the theory that the sound deadening we're sold it high priced re-branded some sort of industrial use something or other.

Anyway, this stuff =comes to a little over a buck a square foot. vs. 4$ or so for the name brand stuff.


Anyone seen this yet? tried it? I was going to do my floor today, but installed an extra sub and another pair of 1KW amps....I'm not sure what happened exactly, I guess I got a little sidetracked. I won't get a chance to put this in til late next week now, but for 16$ someone else ought to compare it to the name brand stuff (like someone who has name brand stuff floating around)

It's not really the same type of adhesive in Second Skin, but I would venture to say it's close to or identical to Raam Mat or B Quiet. Here's a section of text I took from the link you gave:

"rubberized asphalt adhesive"

In my opinion I would use this instead of anything but Dynamat Extreme and Second Skin. It should work!