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I didn't think that raammat bxt had asphalt. Thought it was pure butyl. So, why do you put dynamat and second skin in a different class than the other pure butyl options?
FYI I just sold two rolls of Raam Mat after working with it in a friend's car. It comes off easily with mineral spirits and is extremely sticky, much like older peel n seal when it got hot. I don't see how it could be pure butyl. Second Skin and Dynamat are superior products. I have worked with most others and they just don't stick as well as SS and Dynamat. I have two rolls of BQuiet sitting here right now and I honestly can't tell a difference between it and Raam Mat, looks the same, feels the same, is just as messy, smells the same and when I was cutting it into sheets, the adhesive gummed up the knife exactly like Ramm Mat did. While I was in Germany I used Second Skin, Dynamat and two products sold there only, once called Sinus Live and another that was distributed by the JL Audio Distributor. This second product was not manufactured specifically for vehicles, but for industry. It had a grey butly adhesive that was very high quality and had aluminum that was thicker than any others I have seen period. I just hate to see people buy overpriced peel n seal. Go Second Skin of Dynamat Extreme or head to Home Depot or Lowes.