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I won't do too much bashing, but I worked on the same car and at least that one batch of Raammat had about as much butyl content as my ass. Second Skin and newer (non-asphalt) Dynamat are WORLDS apart. No comparison at all.
I thought there was just a bad batch or something. Didn't think all Raammat was problematic.

I haven't opened up my back wall and looked and I haven't pulled my carpet to check underneath, but I've also not seen or smelled any obvious problems from the raammat I've used thus far. However, I'm getting a little upset now from reading these comments about raammat, as I'm starting today on my front doors, and the 40 sq ft of remaining raammat are all I have on hand to use, and I don't have time to order anything else at this point.

crap. I'm wishing I had some of the other on hand to compare, but this weekend is my only chance to get my freaking doors done. I had no issues or worries about raammat at all to this point, but when I'm under time pressure to get this done and know it will be 3 months before I get another install chance, it has me aggrevated now.

But still, to this date, I've never read anything that says current produced raammat bxt is anything other than a pure butyl product, just with a different makeup than others giving it a different feel than some of the others.