Hello guys, first real post here. i'm in the middle of redoing the stereo in my boat. Right now I'm running a pair of Boston Acoustics G5 subs that are mounted under the bolster seats in my Formula. They are powered by an Orion SX 2150 amp. The sound is good, but being a class A/B amp it loves power.

Last summer I replaced the stock alternators with two 110 amp units. Also replaced the wimpy group 24 battery with a bigger group 31 for the stereo. I just bought 3 JL Audio M10IB speakers to mount under the rear seat. I was planning on removing the BA G5's. I also bought a JL Audio Slash 1000/1. The sensitivity of the G5's are around 91, where as the sensitivity of the JL's is around 86. IMO that is a fairly big difference. The G5's are a much more robust speaker. I'm willing to bet one G5 weighs as much as all 3 JL's. So my question is for those that actually install sound systems in boats. Do you think it's a unwise move to replace the G5's with the M10's? Seeing that it's in a boat, I'm not sure that I will hear the sound quality drop of the JL's but I do not want to lose volume. The fact that I'm going from 600 watts from the Orion to 1000 watts from the JL, I'd like to have an increase in volume. I got a good deal on the M10's, so I won't be heart broken if I don't use them. What is he professional opinion on this set up? M10's or say with the G5's? Or run M10's and the G5's and run them all off the 1000/1?