Both used.

Specs are:
PPI PCX 480 - 150 plus shipping
4x80 @ 4 ohms
4x160 @ 2 ohms
2x 320 @ 4 ohms
Excellent amp to run active components, or even fronts and a sub

PPI PCX 4125 - 250 plus shipping
4x125 @ 4 ohms
4x250 @ 2 ohms
2x500 @ 4 ohms
This amp is great for single amp setups that don't require 1000+ on the sub. You can have 2x125 on the front and 500x1 for the sub

I would give both amps 9/10 for functionality, not a 10 for the sole fact that they are used. Never had a problem with either one of them. I just recently took them out of my car. Cosmetically, I'd give the 480 a 9.5, only blemishes being the mounting tabs. The 4125 I'd give an 8, as there a few light scratches that can only be seen up close, or if you are looking for them.

Pics will be up soon. PM me or email me at