Kenwood KDC BT60U - Bluetooth, Mp3, DSP, crossovers, 4v pre-outs, remote, mic

Kenwood KDC-BT60U in excellent condition with all wires and radio antenna wire included.
It was my first serious audio player. Ordered it from UK just because of the faceplate design (the US equivalent was KDC-X693).

It has:

· 3 RCA Pre-outs of 4V each

· Sound Excellence DSP - Digital Sound Processor (3-band parametric equaliser, iPod EQ, Highway Sound, Digital E's crossover)

· high-pass filters (speaker and preamp outputs), low-pass filter (sub preamp output). No need of additional external crossovers to the speakers.

· speaker settings that let you tailor the sound to the size and type of speakers in your car.

· USB input - located at the back. Used via cable with an USB flash drive hidden in the glove box.

· Play CD-RW Mp3 discs.

· Bluetooth feature - mic included


Kenwood KDC-BT60U car radio boasts a total sound output of 4 x 50 watts and Bluetooth support, as well as an integrated microphone so you can make phone calls safely as you drive.

DSP Sound Excellence technology on the KDC BT60U enhances the quality of your favourite tracks, while the Highway Sound feature compensates for annoying traffic noise by restoring nuances in music. Supreme advanced digital audio compression reproduces tones incredibly for near-CD quality from condensed files. Plus, the KDC BT60U is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW discs.

More detail here:

Bluetooth Car Stereo • KDC-BT60U Specifications • Kenwood UK

The user manual:

Kenwood KDC BT60U - Bluetooth, Mp3, DSP, crossovers, 4v pre-outs, remote, mic | eBay