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Conversation Between AWC and aurum550
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  1. AWC
    08-31-2009 - permalink
    I think you'll need the drivers as well. you downloaded the program but the USB drivers are also on the disc. how does it connect VIA USB without the other item? I don't have that processor but the 9887 with it built in.

    Use 'private message' instead of visitor's profile message. thanks.
  2. aurum550
    08-30-2009 - permalink
    Hi! how are you?
    I`ve bought Imprint processor PXA-H100 but without KTX-H100.
    So i`ve downloaded Alpine Imprint Sound manager V2.1 fron internet and thought to run with anothe microphone. The problem is after connectin everything i`m runnig program and its after sometime says "communacation error"
    So i would like to know, is it possible to run with enother microphone? or i`m doing something wrong when runnig? pls help me...
    I dont like much manual setup quality...
    thanks in advance.

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