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  1. oabeieo
    04-12-2015 - permalink
    Hi Patrick,
    Heya would you help me decide on a one inch compression driver, I will be using Esmini body's, right now they have cd1ev3 drivers on them I don't know what driver the cd1ev3 even is , I want to do a lower dash mod and get minis to mount about 5 inches higher so sound is not so far on floor, my car the lower dash is way way down there . I want better center image and I'm fine with a xo around 1k , so I was looking at the cd10nd , the bms4550 or the jbl you recommend in a thread but I can't seem to find for sale anywhere, so right now I'm liking the cd10nd the best because of power handling , flat responce, will play to 20k and will play down to 700 . I plan on using a second order slope and crossing around 1 to 2 kHz . I know you recommend a Celestine one also but I am willing to pay 200 bucks ea for them for a dam nice one. So , would you be as kind as to advise me as to witch one you would go with and why , or recommend a good one to me
  2. anson cao
    03-16-2015 - permalink
    anson cao
    hi patrick
    I am thinking build a acustic lens for my dyaudio 110 , do you have any suggestion ?
  3. JohnAltman520
    02-20-2015 - permalink
    Hello Patrick, I was referred to you when I asked about horn enclosures in automotive applications.

    I was wondering if you could help me with deciding if a horn would be the best choice for my application and if it is I would like to pay you to design one for me if you can.
  4. Patrick Bateman
    09-22-2014 - permalink
    Patrick Bateman
    Sure! I'll post a thread in off-topic.
  5. Picassotheimpaler
    This is completely off topic from the forum, but i have a question for you. I lurk on the forum pretty regularly for inspiration and have always been into your threads and the way you go about finding an answer to whatever question you pose. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've seen on one of them that your a programmer for a living? I'm headed in that direction myself (software eng.) and was wondering if there was any advice you have on the subject.
  6. Patrick Bateman
    06-03-2014 - permalink
    Patrick Bateman
    If you start a thread about it, I'll post a design using Hornresp
  7. Mooresound
    06-03-2014 - permalink
    Thanks for the response, I read about that software.... seems like a neat tool.
  8. Patrick Bateman
    06-03-2014 - permalink
    Patrick Bateman
    'The Wicked One' sub was made before Hornresp was widely used.
    Personally, I'd consider a tapped horn or front loaded horn first.
  9. Mooresound
    06-03-2014 - permalink
    Was reading your tapped horn thread and have always been interested in exotic enclosure deisgns. I also have heard great things about the Decware wicked one tapped horn. A friend is going to do a blow through in his silverado and I think the Wicked one with a pair of SSA GCON 10's might be perfect. They model well using Unibox on .5 to .75 cubic feet in a 4th order tuned to 45 hz and have a F3 of 26hz. My question to you is your thoughts on these woofers in this design and how the opening into the cab may effect frequency response. I am working on modeling and can send some pice of the design if needed. Any info is greatly appreciated.
    Hey Patrick,

    Not sure if your still interested in this subject, but I'm starting a new thread on aerodynamics and the effect they have on in car noise. Hopefully it wont get derailed. I plan at some point in the next couple of months to test a full body undertray and front and rear wheel skirts with an omnimic setup.

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