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  1. Previn
    08-03-2011 - permalink

    I'm a mobile audio enthusiast from South Africa. I came across your name being mentioned on here in a few threads in a very positive light.
    I'm currently on the market for a 6.5 inch 2 way component set to go into my 2011 Audi S3. I was previously running DLS R6 components on my front stage which I liked a lot.

    Basically what I want to know is, if you can recommend anything to suit my needs.
    My main dilemma is that the quality of speakers I'm interested in, retails at approx 1000 US dollars here in South Africa, whereas in the US the very same speakers are retailing at less than half that price.

    Therefore I would like to purchase directly from reputable authorised dealers, thus cutting out the middle man and getting value for money.

    I'm looking to spend up to $550 including shipping to South Africa.
    I'm hoping you can provide me with some input/advice etc.

    Kind regards
    Previn Pillay

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