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  1. WLDock
    02-16-2011 - permalink
    Well, I have not read much about those amps but Electtromedia - Hertz/Audison is good stuff.
  2. manish
    02-15-2011 - permalink
    Hey I might be getting. Pair of Hertz ep1d amps for $175. Now I know Hertz are suppose to be a top brand, I wanted to know what you think about the Hertz ep4 and the ep4x if your familer
    With them.
  3. manish
    02-14-2011 - permalink
    Yes I'm Definitely getting a pair. I have one x4r onto the way, looking for another one, might the one I got here fixed. Then I'm trying to save to get a pair of those x3rm fullrange. . I haven't even started to look for sub amps yet. And I gotta get a enclosure. Built for my pair of spg555's. Still haven't installed the sound deadening yet in my doors. So I feel you on getting started. I also am looking for a pairof new door panels so I can get sealed door pods made for the 8". Not to mention body work, paint...whew. I will bring the drivers by so you can see them when I get them.
  4. WLDock
    02-14-2011 - permalink
    Hey, I heard about those as well as the 5.25" drivers. Those 8"s are going to be pretty massive. You getting a set? I am still wondering if the 6.5/7" are going to fit in my kicks. Well, Its a 40 degree heat wave today. I need to start doing something to the system so there won't be so much to do in the Spring.
  5. manish
    02-14-2011 - permalink
    Hey have you seen the post about the new 8" anarchy based off of the 6.5". And at 4ohms. They will setting up a pre-sale, Soon. Look in the industry talk forum.

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