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  1. DIY drivers or car audio drivers?
  2. would a 3-way setup be ideal in my door?
  3. Braille Racing batteries?
  4. What to do with free eDead?
  5. Tell me the difference in Linear Power...IQ vs Non-IQ
  6. Big 3 Help!!!
  7. 2 power wires to a distro block
  8. 5.25" component sets - suggestions please
  9. Alpine PDX 1.1000 with one sub.
  10. How to set tweeter gain?
  11. several first install questions, looking for advice
  12. I need help picking a driver but i have restrictions
  13. Good midbass thread
  14. Audiobahn AWT34 34-Inch SUBWOOFER Install questions
  15. New amp rack new pains and questions.
  16. Need help in NY Brooklyn Area Tuning
  17. CDA-9887 issues - need some urgent help
  18. Power wire on ebay
  19. 2 Channel Tweeter Amp Sugguestions?
  20. Staging
  21. If interested in Scan R2904/7000
  22. Need mid driver advise
  23. Full range driver on dash
  24. Tunning my alpine System
  25. Anyone recone a JBL 2118 before?
  26. Bridging 4-channels amplifiers with l/r separation
  27. 2000 Subaru Outback
  28. Recommend some dam rear-fills
  29. Opinions: What makes a car a good candidate for SQ
  30. Dash kits, harness, rca's, power, etc.
  31. It finally happened....
  32. Harley HK connectors
  33. RF Punch 45
  34. DFW area SQ Seminar
  35. Recommend me an amp and HU
  36. Some general questions?
  37. HELP!!!!! the exclusive or sls
  38. factory speaker wire...
  39. -noob in sq needs help!
  40. new setup time
  41. Which Alpine PDX amp
  42. unconventional bi-amping opinions and suggestions.
  43. New guy on the block looking for some guidance...
  44. Alpine SPX-17PRO tweets
  45. scion xb imaging problem
  46. Sound signature of these two component sets?
  47. 8 lead speaker wire, who has the best for the money? plus rant!
  48. L-R rearfill. How can I do it?
  49. Front/rear preamp signals
  50. Question on Rainbow Profi Vanadium Kicks w/ spacer rings
  51. help me decide. ppi pc or art amps?
  52. really need help...
  53. Parrot 3100 and RF 360.2
  54. Darn.. mid help.. ID OEM..
  55. Thinking Ahead.... IB Possibly?
  56. Seas RNX vs ID OEM MIDS
  57. Satellite Radio Sound Quality
  58. Time to start on my wife's Civic. Suggestions welcome.
  59. Denon Z1 clipping?
  60. Sub stage troubleshooting
  61. Zapco iForce 7 channel amp
  62. active crossover: fir vs iir
  63. CDX-C90 Help
  64. IB Subwoofer: Dyn MW190 vs Oz Audio Matrix Elite 12"
  65. Alpine PDX amps
  66. YO FOO where you get really well recorded RAP
  67. Alpine advice ?
  68. Please Help Me With Crossover Point
  69. iPod Voice Control (similar to MS Sync)
  70. Starter crossover points?
  71. Boss' take over of Planet Audio, when'd this happen?
  72. Would anybody be interested in waveguides by Geddes for car?
  73. what could these be "imported from japan" pics
  74. Subwoofer Recommendations
  75. pioneer carrozeria class a amp? any good?
  76. A little experiment
  77. Amplifier repair Houston TX? PG ZPA 0.3
  78. SPX-17PRO/SEAS NEO/BLAU VC100 - Side-by-Side - Large Pics Warning
  79. blown or just bad quality?
  80. Audio compression - my findings...
  81. Pioneer 960MP broken wires
  82. Clarion a007-w input question
  83. Help with picking Midbass Driver
  84. Sub Help: ported 10 versus sealed 12
  85. Nakamichi RCA's????
  86. Alpine cda-7969 dc-dc converter necessary?
  87. audison vrx 4.300.2 vs arc audio se 4200
  88. Two 10" subs at 2ohm, 4ohm, or 8ohm?
  89. Help me put together a 2-way active setup
  90. You have GOT to check these out!!!
  91. 96 Blazer..tweeter placement
  92. which tweeters????
  93. i/b subwoofer suggestions
  94. HU Noise Will Not Go Away! Help!
  95. single cabs are strange for staging
  96. Care to recommend a SQ 8inch
  97. Looking to upgrade setup!
  98. planet audio amp help
  99. Anyone got pics from Texas HEat Wave?
  100. need help with focals
  101. Looking for suggestions on subs
  102. Power Question
  103. L4's coming, same install as L3's?
  104. Speaker making crackling sound. need advice.
  105. Pioneer or Alpine
  106. Looking for trunk install ideas for a 1995 Honda Civic Sedan
  107. Will a 4 Guage wire fit on this terminal?
  108. Fostex FF85K
  109. Wadia Itransport installed
  110. XLR to Zapco Symbilink
  111. Help with speakers........
  112. What Cap to Use - Are they all the same?
  113. headunit selection
  114. Alpine Type R sound quality?
  115. power compression, what's it 'sound' like ?
  116. Subwoofer dilemma ONE 12" Solobaric L5 Vs TWO JL 10W3
  117. 3-way with 2-way DSP?
  118. Carpet Color - Opinion wanted
  119. Dynaudio MW 172 for a 2 way system.
  120. CDT HD-62 vs RE XXX comps...
  121. Alpine dva-9860 No output from cd
  122. jl audio 300/4 worth the price?
  123. amp won't power up...
  124. Need help on the brand of woofer that were rebadged morel?
  125. How to make subwoofer play more dynamic?
  126. Windshield reflections
  127. Specs that spell a good infinite baffle SQ subwoofer?
  128. Looking for new stereo -- customizable display
  129. efficient amp suggestions...?
  130. What do think of "SOURCE" on EBAY ?
  131. Re audio or atomic
  132. SQ system setup/additional relays for Alumapro CAP15?
  133. 2008 Soundstream Picasso amp guts
  134. Anyone know what Zapco this is?
  135. noob:questions:install and dash kit
  136. A bit of info on the mysterious Blaupunkt THw1000....
  137. Vifa PL18 troubleshooting.
  138. 2-way front off headunit, and 7th gen Civic teardown guide?
  139. lil advice needed on sq setup
  140. Pioneer Premier 10 subs and Sonic Electronix sub box installed with pics
  141. 3 way front & rear - is it a waste?
  142. Benefits of the inverted surround?
  143. Why does everyone desire a low crossover capable tweeter?
  144. Power Acoustik
  145. any way to fix kicked in silk tweeter?
  146. Auotek model 99 zed question
  147. Peerless Supplier
  148. Improving the SAX-100.4 Model
  149. Possible Blown Tweeter
  150. blown tweeter
  151. Someone must have done this before variable tuning ported.
  152. Interconnects: What gauge?
  153. Who makes an active Bass EQ like this....look pic
  154. Adhesive for deflex to ensolite
  155. post bbq settings
  156. tuning four way active?
  157. Altenator whine, not from amp
  158. Rockford Question
  159. Yea, here's an elementary question with an issue I've never had
  160. From Japan with love Alpine H900
  161. What do you use to burn cd's?
  162. ***EDIT POST BUTTON***
  163. Soundstream Class A amps
  164. The best 5 Band EQ
  165. prefab enclosure...
  166. WinISD alpha question
  167. 3sixty.2 Problem (switches off)
  168. Aura Force 5.1
  169. CRX 88-91 Q-logic Kicks
  170. placement for rear-fill
  171. factory door enclosure
  172. Kenwood navi unit question
  173. Would you use these RCA cables on your car?
  174. 880PRS Pico...Sub Out not turning off?
  175. Alpine DVA screen?
  176. LAT
  177. Alumapro the C.A.P. 15 wiring ?
  178. mach 5 mid bass
  179. Where can I get specs for...
  180. 2000 VW Jetta-Speaker sizes needed
  181. Prologic II on the H701
  182. AES 10 question
  183. JBL MS-8
  184. In-line fuse/breaker for hifonics bxi 1608d
  185. Help me choose HPF and LPF please!!!
  186. where to 'aim' a-pillar tweeters?
  187. Pioneer D1720C - Just Arrived!
  188. Help me!! My amp have trouble
  189. what gauge wire was uses as leads for PPI 2150m and other M series.maybe AM as well..
  190. Best place to mount my midrange??
  191. Anyone 'scope a CDA-7995?
  192. OEM system integration with Alpine VPA-B222 question
  193. What amp to use?
  194. converting japanese fm tuner, possible?
  195. Aura bass shaker type devices.
  196. dsp off stock unit
  197. rca's burning up
  198. Will ensolite hold moisture?
  199. Elemental Designs stepping up their amps?
  200. New Arc Mini 125.2
  201. a/d/s 344is, how low can they play?
  202. Help with Alpine Parts
  203. Need some help on my install
  204. RS100-4 vs RS52 dedicated midrange
  205. ...and now for something completely different(?)...Windshield foam!
  206. Dynaudio 17W75 (old version) vs MW160
  207. Pioneer USB adaptor song title>? (CD-UB100)
  208. what would happen - low level signal to a high level input?
  209. Nasty sounds at 100hz
  210. Where to find thin rubber "V-channel" ??
  211. peerless 830520 midbase
  212. the headroom thread.
  213. 4-way active + rear fill + imprint.
  214. How often do you replace a set of keepers?
  215. I didn't know you could patent a center image...
  216. Components needed to power up gear outside of car?
  217. Rockford 6" mid-bass RFR-1406
  218. 6 channel amp opinions
  219. need mid for 4 way system, help please!?
  220. when are the new TRU steel series coming out?
  221. Pioneer guts
  222. Need help with box question
  223. Sub amp (Blaupunkt THA275) seems to clip pretty easily. Suggestions?
  224. *******Name the best song you have heard*********
  225. Harmonic distortions from amp
  226. Elemental Designs SQ10 Vs. Tang Band TW-1427B
  227. Biggest Driver in the Door
  228. Help with creating mono rear.
  229. Logic 7 Workarounds
  230. Soundstream VGA 800.5
  231. EQ QUESTION ,suggestions are welcome
  232. Leaking Caps in amps
  233. rainbow recones on germaniums?
  234. JL 12W6v2 vs. Image Dynamics IDQ12V3.D4
  235. RE SE15 or Dayton HO15?
  236. Fi reconed my subs w/ woven tinsel leads, one w/out...difference?
  237. amp gains on 4 channel amp
  238. high pitch buzz over compenents?
  239. Dayton 3 Way Combo
  240. BMW 325i Wiring
  241. I've regressed from a full SQ system to a deck and 4 speakers
  242. Need some Phoenix Gold help
  243. well what would u do
  244. Active vs Passive - What's the difference
  245. Damn Honda ELD! Any workarounds found?
  246. MMATS Dreadnaut vs. RE MX
  247. Anyone had RF 3sixty Bluetooth interface problems?
  248. grrr backorder this, back order that
  249. US Amps axtu600
  250. 8" subwoofer