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  1. 1/0 Metal Ring Terminals (non-crimp)
  2. New Build Spec'd
  3. PPI Sedona question
  4. msrp of arc SE 2300
  5. Does Audison amp accept balanced input?
  6. W505 Problems????? with 701
  7. Small amp for sub?
  8. Changing a speaker's impedance...
  9. Hows this for a budget system?
  10. Boston Acoustic CS?
  11. Tight 10s or.......
  12. What size speaker wire
  13. Need advice on front stage for F-150 extended cab
  14. lanzar processors
  15. 4ohm load & 6ohm load= ??
  16. What Imprint is nothing short of amazing
  17. is there problem with dynaudio crossovers??
  18. Anyone in So California that can measure my TSPs? Unidentified TC sounds sub
  19. Just purchased...
  20. How would YOU improve on this door baffle setup?
  21. Elemental Designs alternative...
  22. future of mobile audio
  23. Need help with a Convertible
  24. Thikning of simplifying-sell the DRZ9255??
  25. Crazy idea
  26. Sub amp for IDMax 12?
  27. New Alpine W505 Optical cable or Adapter
  28. Need tips for door speaker mounting
  29. New ScanSpeak Illuminator Series!!!
  30. Alpine IVA-D900 to Alpine IVA-D310 wiring, same?
  31. Help in Los Angeles
  33. drivers with options
  34. Balanced output?
  35. I need more midbass!! what to replace cdt es-630 mids?
  36. this has me confused,
  37. losing Midbass Impact
  38. Best Double Din Blue Tooth Solution?
  39. PDX under cargo floor?
  40. New 8" mids and 10" midbass drivers! Seas in trouble? Lots of pics.
  41. Need product Info...
  42. Solving Mid Range Response Issues
  43. Passive? Or Active With Tweets Off HU Power?
  44. Opinions interpreting impulse response plots.
  45. Help me understand ohm loads on dual VC subs
  46. Rainbow SW200E Midbass - Anyone use this set before??
  47. not that i'm into this sorta thing but this is nuts!!!
  48. 1.8 portable hard drive that works with usb headunits!
  49. Eclipse DA7122 queation - balanced inputs?
  50. Non-hardening Clay for Arizona Temps
  51. Alpine 7892 x Ipod. Works?
  52. Two 4 gauge vs. One 1/0 or 2 gauge ?
  53. Kenwood eXcelon. Any good?
  54. Flush Mounting Stacked PDX's... Heat?
  55. Where is the best place to start with a noisy deck?
  56. Look what Fedex brought me (New tweeters)
  57. Looking for a 3" or smaller mid for dash mount!
  58. 3-way semi-Active Focal Access possibe?
  59. l4 vs 12m
  60. PXA-H100 How much can you do with this unit?
  61. Searched for QM tweeter
  62. 1. Buy Crossover 2. Add drivers & tweeter. Will it sound as good as a "system?"
  63. subwoofer T/A VS. phase
  64. Best Used HU that isn't 880PRS or 9887?
  65. Highest sensitivity 10" sub?
  66. Going active with Orion NT 6s components.
  67. Philosophical questions on purchasing speakers
  68. Anyone in mass/ne area willing to help with install
  69. neo / ceramic differences?
  70. Suggestion on 2 Way Active
  71. sell memphis belle for cadence??
  72. Help with 2 IDQv2 10's
  73. Something odd with ID CX62
  74. "the best" ipod interface
  75. Just got done using the Imprint with my 9887
  76. Power and signal disconnects
  77. dynaudio mw160 unmarked terminals
  78. Results: PRS vs Type-X, tweet placement, rear deck
  79. Spade terminals
  80. Can you name this midbass driver?
  81. Any of you Zuki owners running your amp bridged?
  82. WinISD... Vent Mach?
  83. Jensen 2 Ch Amp 175x2@2 ohms
  84. Small, Powerful, 4 channel amps
  85. Sealed Sub Comparison, How do I ........
  86. New Pioneer AVIC-F Series
  87. Running a 1000 watt sub @ 1 ohm with a 70 amp alternator :)
  88. "Porting" a rear deck cover
  89. am I nuts???
  90. I heard some conflicting information today about amp output...
  91. WTF is Q-Factor?
  92. Possible bad channel on Audison LRx 6.SR
  93. H701 rear pre-out blown??
  94. best free MLS program
  95. H701 Question
  96. Need A Little Help...
  97. Cutting Plastic Panels
  98. Let's Talk 10's
  99. head unit and amp question
  100. Alpine 9887, Lost left channel when playing cd
  101. Alpine Blackbird software update?
  102. Buying Tang band speakers out of china
  103. Laid back 7" driver, little breakup
  104. Best sub to get to be pushing only 250x1 @ 2ohms?
  105. help
  106. Glassman & S Buwalda
  107. Jasper jig
  108. Too much search... eyes hurt.... seeking 10" sub opinions
  109. OLd school PPI what kind of crossover, and how to set it up (wire)
  110. Raw drivers. Trouble locating specs.
  111. Stereo phono plug...tip is 'right', right?
  112. Oz Audio Matrix Elite
  113. Important Forum Upgrade
  114. Important Forum Upgrade
  115. Tru Tech Hammer H1/SH1
  116. my new MB Quart PAB 5400
  117. Do they make universal 3-way cross overs?
  118. Would this be dumb? 4-way front stage. half passive half active
  119. Replacing factory HU
  120. New subs arrived today :)
  121. Explain to me what advantages you gain from going active
  122. Mid for 2 way POLL. 18sound 6ND430 | B&C 6NDL38 | Peerless Exclusive 7
  123. Amp and Mid selection? 6ND430 OR B&C 6NDL38 OR Peerless Exclusive 7
  124. SQ Ft Dampner for Toyota Tundra DC?
  125. this budget sub, or this one?
  126. Beating up a Soundstream SPL12
  127. Manuals for AudioControl needed
  128. 2ch vs 4ch amps
  129. on or off axis? huh?
  130. Need Help. Amp keeps blowing fuses
  131. brand new Orion XTR900 came today...
  132. Component Speakers..Please help
  133. tweeter selection
  134. True Sound Damp questions for FoxPro but others can feed their input here also.
  135. 3" mid suggestions
  136. Yeah...I'm a dumb ass!
  137. Who has listened to the "CA12RCY"
  138. V-MAX or VB-2HD ... which is better?
  139. Need some advice on mounting sub box to rear deck.
  140. Why don't amp gains and HU preout voltages match?
  141. Noise dampening only in doors
  142. Basic sub install
  143. Steg Amp for IDMax or Sea lotus
  144. Thought I'd share this... Read inside
  145. Buying a pre-built enclosure for experimentation?
  146. Anyone name this amp?
  147. 880PRS vs 3Sixty.1
  148. MTX owns Dynaudio?
  149. Can a Pioneer Z2 produce great Sound Quality
  150. Drz 9255 T/A settings from the manual?
  151. Alpine cda9855 vs. Pioneer dehp800
  152. Best 5.25 component set for Jeep Wrangler dash? <$500?
  153. Trying to plan my set-up/purchases
  154. Buying 880prs new
  155. Anyone have experience with these?
  156. How Can I Tell If My 880 Has Issues Or If It's a Standard Ground Issue?
  157. Double Din source unit with 3 way crossover?
  158. Able to run Polk MMC6500 Active?
  159. Has anyone tried Line-X as a vibration dampner?
  160. Pioneer Trim Ring Question
  161. ADS 200i X-overs?
  162. alesis poly 6.5
  163. Infinity Perfect How do they rank in sq
  164. T/A-A little confused, easy help
  165. Best Ipod Solution
  166. The death of a SLS8" (pictures inside)
  167. Zapco DC Reference Amp
  168. Help: US AMPS XT800.4 For Front Stage?
  169. orion cobalt 403 vs. USAcoustics alphasonik 4050
  170. Mercury Sable Question/Help
  172. pxa-h100 & 9886
  173. New sub opinions
  174. Tweeter Placement opinions.....
  175. Please help me with T-Line boxes
  176. Componets for a SQ Oriented Install
  177. pink noise, correlated vs uncorrelated
  178. calculating Q for parametric eq formula?
  179. "Warm" speakers?
  180. I must have lost my mind?
  181. Wiring issue, or something else?
  182. Half Joking, half serious which would you choose? RAAMmat or eD v1SE2
  183. Need opinions on tweeter options for my eDi 6500 comps
  184. First Thread-Active with the amp I have
  185. Inexpensive 12" sub ($100 range or less)
  186. SONY XAVW1 7" LCD HU
  187. What size techflex/heat shrink?
  188. Where to buy bass ports/tubes?
  189. This midbass lowpass point is a real b!t$h
  190. seeking some help - can this be done with 1 amp?
  191. my sound system diagram
  192. Help with tweeters
  193. Knuconceptz
  194. anyone had experience with clarion 785USB?
  195. Use LOC or wire directly to my Audisons and recomended fuse sizes
  196. PDX 1.600 Gain Selector Switch
  197. HDD Media Player w (touch) screen and Digital out?
  198. Stroker Review?
  199. 6.5's or 8's in Civic rear deck
  200. Colorfulaudio Amps
  201. Installers/Bose experienced installers questions!
  202. OZ Vector subs...
  203. Options on Burned/Damaged 2 Guage? HELP!
  204. steering wheel remote: Whiterabbit look here
  205. Anybody here got JASMA "cat-back" mufflers?
  206. Alpine 9887 users
  207. Clipping explained by Stephen Mantz
  208. odd fuse blowing problem
  209. help with iva-d300 and h701 combo setting up x overs and what not
  210. Alpine SPX-17PRO
  211. I think this is right.....?
  212. Alpine PDX Users: What gauge wire do you use?
  213. Need help with Jbl Gt 102 Series
  214. Amp experts, how hot is to hot?
  215. Avid DIYMA Users: Anyone interested in using an Imprint Kit?
  216. The little grey box thingy...what is it??
  217. Mach 5/VC100
  218. Strange install idea... anyone ever seen this done?
  219. RCA disconnect panel
  220. 12" Hollywoodsoundlabs sub driver from early '1990's
  221. active or passive and what can i do with what i currently have...
  222. anyone know what these are called?
  223. SQ Sub Amp Recomendations, please.
  224. How to seal this up? (Sound deadening)
  225. Driver size and mechanical/frequency/SPL limits
  226. Alpine W505
  227. need help with SEM paint
  228. amplifier opinions, please
  229. Focal Merge or Bought?
  230. any other 6.5 subs other than JL ?
  231. any of you remember Orion XTR 6.5 midbass's?
  232. DVD Head Unit Opinions Wanted
  233. Porting & Polyfill
  234. How has the economy (lack of) affected your DIY habits?
  235. which comps would you pick????
  236. How much time did you spend deadening?
  237. Blackbird users - Bluetooth echo
  238. Sigh... Big 3 done, lights still dim, what now?
  239. well, im doing better with my tuning :)
  240. Good Price for Like New 880PRS?
  241. IDMax 12 or Polk SR 12?
  242. Dumb question but would pay nicely for a response.
  243. Double DIN or Single DIN for a DD opening?
  244. Sony's (DSO) Dynamic Soundstage Organizer anyone know what they adjust?
  245. So was this worth a Jamba Juice?
  246. pxe-h650 vs pxa-h701
  247. Help Please
  248. DIYMA Give-away # 1 - SS Icon 12D2
  249. Poor man's Comp/sub choice < $200...
  250. FYI to those waiting on RSD's from Dynamic