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  1. Dayton HO 10... sD?
  2. FM Antennas
  3. Sony NAV-U nv-u83t
  4. Eclipse 8053 help
  5. expanding foam in roof
  6. whats your average listening spl in your car?
  7. best 4" midrange under 1.5K
  8. Why do 24 bit D/A converters matter...
  9. Zapco will never get my business again if they don't stop this child crap!
  10. How to test speaker placements
  11. New revelations while having fun with my scope.
  12. diamond d9 or SI mag
  13. Autotuba
  14. e28 and IB related q's
  15. Alternator whine issue - it's the amp !
  16. Visonik Specs
  17. Anybody run a 10" IDQ ported?
  18. Switch install for 2 different sub stages?
  19. one vs. two of the same subs...effects of more cone area ASIDE from SPL?
  20. 2 channel rca's into bridged 4 channel?
  21. dayton tweet
  22. Dayton tweet
  23. Ouch...
  24. Best double DIN for pure SQ under $600?
  25. Square Trade Warranty?
  26. New build for 2002 Audi S4 Quattro.
  27. Another WinISD Question
  28. Should I buy from
  29. Quick h701 Question
  30. kill the computer power supply Noise in bench sytem
  31. Question about 2-way active (2 way fronts w/ sub) setup w/ 2 seperate amps?
  32. 9887 24bit BB DAC bypassed when using AINET CD Changer?
  33. Removing back of IR3 dome
  34. What Deck Do I Need? Break it down
  35. amp for re audio xxx
  36. Kicker SX 900.4 Overload Problems
  37. old sony xm-701 / xm-700a
  38. Hatch Ideas
  39. 2-15's or 3-10's?
  40. 350Z in Vegas... one of you?
  41. Raw drivers, pick and choose for 3 way front stage.
  42. Question for people running horns.
  43. Static, gotta hate it. New install. How to diagnose? ITS LOUD!
  44. New amp and tweeters installed with pics
  45. need 10" sub
  46. Look what UPS left at my door :D
  47. Finally! 9887R runing active hertz mlk-165
  48. What could cause an amp to do this?
  49. DHL made a mistake...
  50. Help with Fake Focals
  51. Denon Balanced Cables
  52. Does the Alpine VPA-B222 have a LOC?
  53. Does anyone run a 3-way front stage with the midbass in the rear door?
  54. Best Free Frequency Response Software?
  55. Active crossover amp for simple system
  56. Concept of PHASE
  57. CHEAP NeoCd1.0 1.5" Ribbon Tweeter?
  58. Please help interpret speaker tech specifications
  59. Mach5 Audio
  60. Bass in a Boxster??
  61. arc ald's?
  62. What component set or speakers to buy??
  63. AES IB15?
  64. I need 6X9's
  65. Seas Neo Tweet okay w/ Koda Crossover and Mid?
  66. Looking for authorized Alpine Dealer H701 vs. H100
  67. amp repair question
  68. Alpine 9887 Problem!!!
  69. "resetting" prs880 = loosing everything?
  70. Hiss on the letter S
  71. PS/2 Cables and specs
  72. speakers and a amp 1300$ budget
  73. Crazy 8"s Challenge
  74. need install help with pioneer avic d2
  75. Question about active and tweeters
  76. Double Din Unit Selection Help!
  77. 07 Dodge RAM System Design Help
  78. how to - 4 way active to 6 way w/ new door pods, what size speakers?
  79. Best HU/External Hard Drive Combo
  80. Do passive tweeter xover pull the same wattage as the woofer passive?
  81. What to choose (HU)?
  82. Ipod, Hard-drive, or changer?
  83. What's the Alpine P/N for the Scan 6000 variant tweeter?
  84. high end deck for vertical placement
  85. What's a good way to use a 5-channel amp in a pickup truck?
  86. Phass A650 active up suggestion
  87. price check-TRU C74T
  88. Help with eliminating buzz/rattling from kick-mounted 6.5's
  89. Any Arc Audio dealers on DIYMA?
  90. Panasonic tube headunit? OMGWTFEPIC...
  91. Specific Questions about Halfler stereo...
  92. DRZ9255 noise
  93. Recommend new system for 96 Accord
  94. "ideal environment" for midrange in 2 way?
  95. components anyone?
  96. What is Amp Crossover Frequency Control for?
  97. Looking for a decent 5 channel amp.
  98. Looking for a decent 5 channel amp.
  99. HU choice and fiberglass box
  100. Speaker popping
  101. Install Guidance
  102. if your not sure about stuff read this
  103. waht cant you tell about this drivers by the ts specks?
  104. Looking at T/S Parameters...
  105. better deck? cda-7995 vs dva-7996 ?
  106. Basic Imaging/X-Over Questions
  107. Setup question for Zapco guys...
  108. dash mat
  109. My first real SQ system "I think"
  110. need help for Prado
  111. Opinions wanted: Best SQ Headunit for under 250 dollars
  112. Thumps up for the Alpine SPX-17REF woofer
  113. pg xenon amp, ok to use 8 ohm driver?
  114. Some help neededPDX1.1000 Vs JL 1000/1v2
  115. aiming speakers
  116. Seeking advice on setting up system in van
  117. As a member of DIYMA am I doomed to continual tweaking?
  118. Questions about my Rockford 250m2
  119. Rubber instead of MVL ?
  120. Most full range ICE power from one channel?
  121. M-Audio vs. Lexicon Pro USB Audio Interface
  122. Xtant 3300x....1ohm stable?
  123. diyma store
  124. DSP's for OEM integration.....
  125. need help deciding
  126. Install Help
  127. More SQ resources?
  128. Determine Ohm for Gain Setting
  129. Which RCA's?
  130. alternators
  131. top 5 ways to process?
  132. Cheap acoustical foam
  133. Need a small sub
  134. Xenon fusing
  135. new alpine amps any comments or reviews?
  136. is bi-wiring a 2way front with a 4ch. amp better sq than bridging 2 chans.?
  137. Ideas for cheap amp/deck/processor for rear fill
  138. Components cost analysis
  139. speaker crosstalk through cat-5e/rj45 connector?
  140. Searched for my noise issue no avail.
  141. Initial tuning
  142. Passive Line out converters: Soundgate LOC4.4 vs. Navone's NE-774V
  143. Quick question before install?
  144. whats so special about old skool Alpine 3545
  145. What can I expect from this DAYTON speakers
  146. Freq Response Curves, My experiences
  147. Time alignment - How many have it?
  148. Battery issue but not but maybe ? Pioneer 880 and Optima Yellow Top
  149. Why don't chicks dig SQ?
  150. Adding midbass in my kicks
  151. How long for sound to travel 12"?
  152. Messing around with PSD - a passive filter for the Dayton RS150-4 and ND20FB-4
  153. Ground Testing
  154. Will I regret this later?
  155. Looking to double, or get different sub/amp combo
  156. new car, new system
  157. RF T400-4 ?
  158. Need some tuning advice
  159. Rockford BD1000a1 wanted
  160. anyone know if the denford 8250's balanced output clips at full volume?
  161. proper midbass from a DIY 2-way?
  162. Amp for running Pioneer 720PRS Active
  163. Is anyone using a ported DIYMA12?
  164. How long did/do you spend on a basic install?
  165. Question about sharing chambers and other stuff
  166. Another help me out thread
  167. Zapco lovers, please help! SP4-SL Needed with DC Amp?
  168. Sub box program
  169. double din
  170. clarion DRZ788USB?
  171. Soundeading in a coupe
  172. Going active with US Amps AX5600 5ch and 9835...need help!
  173. Zapco gurus?
  174. Question for Alpine Gurus
  175. Alto Mobile UCS Pro questions
  176. Suggest 6.5 components for $150 new
  177. Scan Rev 15M-4531K00 for car use?
  178. Older Soundstream SA series?
  179. K2P to K3P
  180. Roll on ound deadening or spray on Sound deadening?
  181. Trunk Setups
  182. Suggest me a 200mm Midbass.
  183. While My Dash Is Out...
  184. Amp and electronics experts, need your knowledge :)
  185. Want to Add Some Mid Bass!!!
  186. Will this amp work with Morel Supremo tweets?
  187. how much is enough midbass?
  188. Clarion DXZ785USB user interface
  189. best front end amp use with dyns, RF360.2
  190. Help me get mids in my shallow doors
  191. Good day and request for an opinion or two
  192. Treo or Crossfire
  193. Help me understand WHY my tweeter sounds better on-axis
  194. Stumbled on "jukebox" product with a COOL feature
  195. Amp to power 800 watt rms sub
  196. Amps mounted under rear deck and airflow
  197. Thoughts on speaker location-- 1965 Ford pickup
  198. Midbass loading?
  199. Problem with PlV-7 alpine sub.
  200. Ground Wiring Curiosity?
  201. what is the optimal voltage i should have going to my amps?
  202. [HELP] How to bridged AudioArt 100HC...
  203. Another noise thread
  204. Clipping question???
  205. i have a couple of ??
  206. Lorentz Audio Slim Line 8 neo 8 ohm
  207. Sub setup
  208. given that 'cabin gain' is a reality, do we need a low fs?
  209. A closer look at the MLI-65 from Mach 5 - PICS
  210. Alpine 9887 - how to change radio zone?
  211. what ppi sub is this?
  212. question about my amp
  213. is this worth it?
  214. Peerless Exclusive, do they have a 4"...?
  215. how to remove board from case
  216. Battery Help!!
  217. Car clips
  218. Rambling intro and request for some advice
  219. Need suggestions for simple 2 RCA out head unit
  220. Is this an accidental bandpass?
  221. with equal processing on 2 different drivers?
  222. Where to start n my project
  223. any feedback on radical audio suiss speakers brand.?
  224. [ATTN SOCAL MEMBERS] Looking for Good SQ Installer in Los Angeles
  225. MB Quart 8" RWE-202
  226. Your Gear Through The Years (Amps & Subs)
  227. Factory Wiring Color Guide Help
  228. distance between mid+tweet and midbass?
  229. Anyone with any experience with Beyma MC115 dome midrange?
  230. beneficial to dynamat the inside of sub box??
  231. Rta Curve?
  232. 3.5" dash mounted driver...what to buy?
  233. what ts param defines box size requirement?
  234. Less gain needed for right tweeter - please advise
  235. Help want to add mid's
  236. In need of external crossover...I believe?
  237. Will going active make any speaker sound better?
  238. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What parts are blown on this amp?
  239. ECD-416 to DAC348
  240. any recommendations for a center and rear fill speakers?
  241. 2001 Tundra SR5 audio question...
  242. MTM arrays in A-pillars?
  243. Comments on issues regarding tweeters in corner of dash - your input plz
  244. Is anything wrong with active XO?
  245. Output voltage of Ipod Nano 4gig?
  246. Confusion on amp gains and seting up crossovers.
  247. Parrot or Alpine KCE-300BT intergration for cell bluetooth
  248. Are my Lotus's fronts counter productive?
  249. Pioneer Pioneer B11EC80-02F 5.25" Mids
  250. Pics of ID OEM mid next to Rainbow CMX Kick mid