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  1. Crossover Point (Good Match?)
  2. amp repair in phoenix?
  3. anyone run a single amp per side(either mono or 2 channel bridged)?
  4. Help! My sound is too "in your face"
  5. has anyone had problems with this
  6. CD-UB100 Where to buy locally?
  7. Your opinon please.......
  8. Anybody know where I can get these?
  9. 3-way only - bass adjustment?
  10. Rumble from sub. Help.
  11. Tapped into factory wiring for subs, hitting out of phase about certain volume
  12. Sub amp
  13. 9886 vs DEH700BT in SQ for iPod
  14. Attn Seas Excel W16 users
  15. Amps drawn by PDX-5?
  16. High Quality Component That Can Be Powered From HU
  17. Anyone live in Potomac/Bethesda/Rockville MD?
  18. Who was your car audio "mentor" ?
  19. Dyn 240 GT. Active or passive?
  20. Would this amp be enough to get the most out of an 12" IDQ V3?
  21. System set up...need help please
  22. DRZ 9255 - Separate Gain/Phase per speaker?
  23. Troy Burkhart
  24. Ideas for Kickpanel installs in 1995 Maxima?
  25. New audio set-up having possibly overheating problems?
  26. need advice, active crossover
  27. Reccomendations for Indash av/dvd type HU
  28. Is electronic polarity the same as mechanical polarity?
  29. How a well installed after market system compare with stock LX470's
  30. How a well installed after market system compare with stock LX470's
  31. Sony XAVW1 time alignment calibration help
  32. Oz Audio
  33. Good mids for smallish fiberglass kicks? Low Vas questions.
  34. Small subwoofers and lots of speakers
  35. Kicker Competition or JL Audio W1's???
  36. old crossfire amps anything special? white ones cfa series...
  37. Frequency Response Curve - what should it look like?
  38. Memphis MCSQ Mids
  39. Need 12" subwoofer, 700-800w RMS with <7.5" mounting depth
  40. Best place to buy Dynaudio? Any forum people dealers?
  41. X-max terminology questions
  42. Question on fuses vs. circuit breakers
  43. What color to paint tweeter pods and why?
  44. Time Delay (Impulse response) advice
  45. Help: Adhesive for bonding Metal to Plastic
  46. Dimming - Question for DLS Ultimate series amp users
  47. Pioneer WAV file problems
  49. new guy front stage question. help please.
  50. Any Pioneer dealers in here?
  51. Desktop for software based tuning?
  52. building cross overs
  53. Do you like how your system sounds even though you are using a line output converter?
  54. Need Help with Woofer Replacement....
  55. Check out this shallow sub.
  56. Quick links to Car Audio Equipment
  58. Amps with remote gain controls
  59. Which album do you enjoy to listen the most in you car?
  60. Who is goin to IASCA SQC in Florida
  61. A way to test noise barriers and sound deadeners
  62. Tweeter to pair with Alpine SPX-17Pro Mids?
  63. Fire Driver up into plexi??
  64. Rear Speaker / Head Rest Speaker Recommendation?
  65. mounting lotus metal dome tweets
  66. Madisounds magazine.
  67. Crossover Settings on H701
  68. Quick wiring question
  69. The old adage: "Driving on the highway, you won't notice the difference" ...
  70. Speaker upgrade... worth it?
  71. front stage help
  72. PG Route66 Fans...
  73. Down Firing Port
  74. HU - Suggestions - 2000 Jeep wrangler
  75. Is it *actually* time for a cap?
  76. morel elate 6 vs boston pro 60
  77. Different sized PR's in 1 box?
  78. How important is sound stage to you?
  79. Soundstream RF-60C
  80. IDMAX 12 D4 V3 for $350...good deal or?
  81. Help Asap!
  82. Using both, RCA and H-701 with W-200
  83. Quick question, urgent answer needed!
  84. making home theatre towers
  85. What size of power cable should I use for this setup
  86. Dedicated Midbass/Sub-bass for rear deck IB
  87. Typical Voltage across a REMOTE lead?
  88. seas neo, dayton nd28, or better choice for active setup?
  89. Harness help for Clarion
  90. Is it possible to blend a 13w7 with my 165k2p's?
  91. Thinking of going back to 2-way. Dyn vs. Scan for tweets?
  92. headunit to go active besides 880prs
  93. Good Custom Fiberglass Price?
  94. which amp should i buy?
  95. Pioneer TS-C720PRS in kickpanels?
  96. TRU C7?
  97. Help choosing tweets
  98. Diamond d7104 - what are they?
  99. JL 6.5w0-4 pros/cons?
  100. Digital is digital, right? So what is the difference?
  101. where can I find the speaker level in connectors for an Alpine mrp-f200?
  102. Audiopulse vs dayton
  103. H/U display question and problem
  104. Good music to listen to for SQ
  105. Good music to listen too for SQ
  106. Ma AudioY3K6C
  107. Any softare to adjust playing levels?
  108. Avalanche 15 TS Parameters
  109. xover near speaker or near amp?
  110. IVA-D130 Tuner Box and H701 Install Question
  111. Budget 6.5" Comps
  112. Custom passive Crossover help please
  113. Focal Audiom 6W & Focal K2P 6.5" mids
  114. Center Channel (Clarion vs Pyle)
  115. Peaky Midrange
  116. ID NX30 Mounting Options???
  117. ID NX30 Mounting Options???
  118. A gain setting question/problem, any help is appreciated.
  119. Dilemma
  120. Cadence TXA 1000D,
  121. Question on phase aliente 12si
  122. PPI amp turns on by itself even when the keys are out
  123. Rock Music To Tune With...
  124. Carver M240 anyone know anything ???????
  125. cadence txa300.2?
  126. BC25SC55-04 VS D26NC55
  127. Am I crazy for considering this?
  128. Older amps you should be cautious of?
  129. Seas Neo, anything better for $$
  130. Cheapest place for MLV
  131. just making sure...
  132. two 10s or one 12 or one 15 in my pilot.
  133. Quick P880PRS question....
  134. Any amp designers need a job - SoCal
  135. Alpine type X tweeter
  136. SDX7 vs JL 6W0-4 midbass duty only
  137. Any great "SQ" 10inch subs out there
  138. Hard time integrating sub
  139. Looking to dump my passive setup need tweet/midrange
  140. do i need a cap? installed ppi a404 amp
  141. Working on the Big 3. PROBLEM
  142. rear mounted midbass
  143. Plz help explain what this SEAS Lotus review is refering to
  144. which should I buy?
  145. N00B list to High-End Car Audio
  146. Comments Focal 100 CA1 4"??
  147. Morel Supremo vs Hertz ML280?
  148. Morel Supremo vs Hertz ML280?
  149. Alternator whine through one amp channel
  150. relays IN amps, what do they do?
  151. 27TBFC/G or the classic rs28
  152. XM Ready HU's?
  153. what sub to 'pick up' where the diyma quits?
  154. RE Audio vs. JL Audio slim subs
  155. Polk SR vs Morel Elate
  156. Kicker F6.5c 6.5" freeair "subs" - anyone got info?
  157. Rammat finally done....
  158. What companies other than JL make "stealth" boxes?
  159. Things i think you should know
  160. Seas Reference or Zapco RB-16.2
  161. what size kick panel for the DLS Iridium mids?
  162. PDX5 question
  163. rainbow reference
  164. Best way to set-up a 4 way system?
  165. Couple new Tang Band's in Stock
  166. SEAS Lotus Reference vs. Hybrid Legatias
  167. mids to match focal tlr's
  168. Amp refurbishing
  169. Where do you buy your dash kits?
  170. help please
  171. How many in here run rear-fills?
  172. JL Audio 10w0-12 ohm???
  173. W505, H100 & Trek XM Tuner - Incompatibility
  174. Alpine 9886 vs 9887 - biggest differences??
  175. Amp Power Question
  176. 4 Way Active or toys?
  177. Faulty 9887?
  178. silk dome tweeter to play 4000hz and up...?
  179. Design your dream amp here
  180. Sub suspension stiffness
  181. Anyone have the latest Parts Express periodical?
  182. Need amp recommendations
  183. Alpine W200 issues.
  184. PDX 1.1000 and y splitters?
  185. Picasso Class A went up in smoke today :(
  186. Easiest to get accurate result box calc software?
  187. Who's had their subs roconed by Fi?
  188. How many hours did your install take?
  189. DIY Passive Crossovers - coil specs and source to buy?
  190. USB Hard drives off HU
  191. Which version? RTA / MLS Tool?
  192. need help with tweeter setup in 2 way config
  193. Help on Subwoofer connection
  194. First Active Set-Up Complete... Help me tune?
  195. New Pioneer 90BT
  196. Fiberglass Resin: Where to get?
  197. Tricks to increase depth???
  198. hey guys, new here. would like some opinions
  199. Cleaning brushed stainless steel and brushed aluminum?
  200. Countdown to West Coast Mr Marv BBQ/Meet June 21st 2008
  201. Definition of “Sound Quality” inspired by IASCA
  202. My plan somewhat...
  203. The Carmina Burana owns my system
  204. Any Other Problems w/ Recent eDead V1SE˛?
  205. Blew my focal shallow woofers
  206. Would Anyone recommend Q-logic made kick panels?
  207. This looks interesting
  208. Speaker placement help
  209. How many batts/caps do you have installed?
  210. Install 6x9's or not?
  211. TC9FD18 vs TC9FD10
  212. Empty rear deck, any benefits?
  213. Help: simple crossover design
  214. One driver, 20Hz ~ 250Hz?
  215. Does your amp make DC ?
  216. Simple analog delay possible?????
  217. I got best deal on an amp....ever!!
  218. Help with Amp Decisions
  219. Elf Audio Mini Amp....Arc's Twin
  220. OK, Imagine the possibilities
  221. DRZ 9255 no good for 2 way and sub?
  222. 7" door or 8" in the kick????????
  223. Sub amp combo question
  224. best sq headunit for my system
  225. 1cft = 10" ported or 12" sealed
  226. Biggest amp I have ever owned - Big brother coming soon
  227. OEM woofer upgrade question
  228. Why do I keep blowing tweeters?
  229. What about my custom RCA cables????Would they work
  230. Wiring up a capacitor bank and multiple flux capacitor?
  231. doot-de-doo...
  232. Small Box, Great sounding subs.. Dayton HO 10's, RSDC, Mag??
  233. Arc Audio FD Goodness - GUTS PICS
  234. what amp and subs should i use for my next set up?Probably going to sell the rest.
  235. Maintaining signal purity. Is all digital impossible? Let's list processing options
  236. Hertz HV100 or HV130
  237. What's the best configuration?
  238. Hertz HSK 165 midbass response, opinions?
  239. Anyone used Audio Art?
  240. Similar System for Less Money?
  241. Where would you buy DRZ-9255
  242. How many speaker failures are over-excursion related vs. thermal?
  243. Custom Center Console
  244. Infiniti Studio on Wheels
  245. Hertz ML 3000 vs. HX 300?
  246. Hearing tweeter only sounds scratchy at higher volume and cut-off - why?
  247. best soundtage ive had so far. no flaming please
  248. Alpine 9887 Parametric EQ question
  249. amp power output question
  250. pick me a 3-4" midrange!