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  1. Any suggestion on eBay sellers
  2. Anybody want to double up with me for world class savings on some world class 15s?
  3. Who can find me this magnet?
  4. Freqency range of QSD 4in?
  5. Linear Power 1501
  6. blown tweeter?
  7. Speaker upgrade question
  8. Infinite Baffle Question
  9. The new G35
  10. Arc Audio 10 inch sub question
  11. how to get soundstage "farther" away? tuning, install or both?
  12. Help needed please with Alpine PRA-H400
  13. spx-17pro tweet vs L1
  14. passive networks - summation of signals?
  15. Wedge or console in Dodge Ram Reg cab?
  16. New Install for FJ Cruiser - Advice Wanted
  17. Shared midbass/sub duty in a door.
  18. Andy Wehmeyer, got a question.
  19. this terminal strip, where to buy it?
  20. 4 strand speaker cable
  21. old precision power stuff...
  22. Peerless SLS 6.5" kick panel enclosure help.
  23. Keeping settings with 120/12 converter
  24. Comparison between XLS8 & IDQ8DVC
  25. Mono Midbasses
  26. technical h701 crossover question on a deeper level
  27. Running Rainbow SLC 265's Active
  28. Anyone use the new Pioneer PRS Amps?
  29. 6.5 Mid Bass options...
  30. Ampere meters
  31. New Cars and Unfriendly Dashes?
  32. Can anyone talk me out of using the stock deck?
  33. 701 Issues
  34. Easy tweeter that'll do 2.5k
  35. 15" tc-3000 termlab
  36. Enclosure Fs and working around it
  37. Kicker and Rainbow
  38. I am running my 2 amps in mono..1 channel per side..not bad
  39. Midbass punchy?...snappy?
  40. Front stage help
  41. size of second battery?
  42. Amps distance from sub important?
  43. Car Audio Podcasts?
  44. Full range drivers on front doors
  45. The worst install I have ever seen
  46. ppi pc2100 chrome part of pc series?
  47. Help me decide what speakers 130KP, SPX-17PRO or c5 650
  48. PVI-216 / 720PRS / SPX-17PRO
  49. Need Some WinISD Help (Driver output)
  50. Up Or Rear?
  51. New list of free air subs (Infinite baffle)
  52. Swi jack problem with 95 pontiac grand prix
  53. Owners with full front stages in their doors or sails.....
  54. recommend me some...
  55. anyone try the $12 vifa tweets from madisound?
  56. need basic active advice
  57. Sub 1% THD inaudibility demo
  58. What's more important to you in a 2-way?
  59. Midbass help
  60. Rattling sub
  61. Sub firing into a flat pannel...
  62. 800PRS "Premier" label - removal??
  63. Sludging the inside of my door...
  64. tymphany lat drivers
  65. JBL tc81 8 inch
  66. GM disc changer HU took my CD hostage
  67. 9887...
  68. Colorado guys-have extra 3rd row tics to Knopfler
  69. Have you heard of KnuKonceptz?
  70. Need help with my Diamond Audio S600s Components (Disappointed with them)
  71. Building kicks to speaker specs
  72. Ford OEM Head Unit Install To Mazda
  73. Nakamichi PA-2004 slow??
  74. looking for a pr of effeciant 8s or 10s
  75. New system, need some tuning advice
  76. dummy load
  77. how does the diyma 12 model as a midbass?
  78. Soundstream SA-80 guts
  79. Look what I got from the brown truck
  80. MX-406 vs drz 9255
  81. goin active, which amp?
  82. this might be dumb but give it a shot
  83. Battery dying while sitting after some install work
  84. A couple of Sub questions
  85. i need help asap with the 3 way setup
  86. grommet playing hide-&-seek
  87. CDT 3 way components in corvette Stage Question
  88. DVD head unit with remote display
  89. Audiocontrol modules...
  90. Alpine 7909 laser pickup question
  91. Help with processing for 3 way active!
  92. HSS Fidelity HT230 true class "A" or not???
  93. Anyone in DFW running an IB setup?
  94. weird amp behavior
  95. ALPINE DVI-9990J & TVI-T990 worth?
  96. PDX regulated power supply and impedence?
  97. real or fake?
  98. Your system change 2 vs 3
  99. New 3-way front stage in the future
  100. Extending cable for AudioControl LCD display
  101. Help with ESX crossover settings...
  102. Looking for a head unit to finish my setup
  103. single full range driver in doors?
  104. Tests results ?
  105. New Car, Want New Stereo, Stereo Problem
  106. ported / sealed common misunderstanding.
  107. Zed History lesson?
  108. Best usage of only 6-8 sq ft of Damplifier Pro left?
  109. Change out display LED's...what size?
  110. Honda factory XM units interchangeable?
  111. IDQ v2 vs. ID v3?
  112. Problems with P880prs
  113. Making predcition based on graph
  114. Alpine PXA-H600, Question?
  115. pic request - suspended amp racks
  116. Why do I have 2 dist blocks?
  117. Looking for a good set of mids
  118. How many Sq Ft of dynamat would I need?
  119. Any way to buff out scratches/scuffs on woofer cone?
  120. i need your opinions and thoughts yet again
  121. 60hz and down, headroom or driver strength?
  122. Looking for Help From You
  123. 2 ohm oem speaker replacement w/ 8 ohm?
  124. UK Pioneer P90's?
  125. Titanium power, are these good?
  126. Doesn't somebody representing Tymphany lurk around here?
  127. 9887 overkill for a passive + ipod only setup?
  128. Anyone else have better luck with shallow slopes?
  129. Tweeter/Mid/Sub balancing
  130. focal speakers lack depth?
  131. flanged tweeters
  132. Turn Off POP problem!
  133. Alpine PDX range
  134. Subsonic Filter question
  135. 2 Ohm vs 4 Ohm
  136. Bose and aftermarket speakers
  137. NAV TV - DIYMAS Newest Supporting Vendor
  138. First active setup. Front stage under $220
  139. amp heat/fan queston
  140. Shallow 10" sub
  141. Any other 8" to consider before I buy the Morel MW266
  142. System cuts out completely on right turns, help to diagnose
  143. Redundancy
  144. Looking for MidRange and Tweeters
  145. why does my subs sound weak
  146. Elementary question....but I still have to ask
  147. A quick Vid
  148. Waterproof wave traps?
  149. Any Mid-Michigan Members Willing To Help Me Tune?
  150. Low-level to RCA adapter?
  151. Alpines Media Xpander?
  152. 4-way active crossover?
  153. How to install Damplifier Pro?
  154. Occasional Noise from my amplifier...
  155. What is the most important portion of SQ system ?
  156. Alternator whine
  157. Alpine IVA-W505 Discontinued!
  158. San Jose Caravan Update to 2008 Marv's BBQ
  159. Anyone having amp troubles in arizona?
  160. I'm new here and not real happy, need opinions
  161. Crossover overlap/underlap
  162. Audiomobile MASS subwoofers
  163. 7in mid better than say a 6.5?
  164. Calling all Noise Experts...
  165. Opinions on JBL T030 Titanium Dome Mid?
  166. Mid range placemnt in 99' Dakaota help? who really has 56k??
  167. Active vs. Passive + Bridged vs. 4-channel
  168. Need help with next upgrade
  169. Tw above or below mids?
  170. Opinions on Alpine PDX Amplifiers
  171. 5.25 round better driver than 5x7 oval?
  172. Custom Fabricator
  173. tweeter question
  174. ARC Audio - DIYMAS Newest Supporting Vendor
  175. Hustler Audio New Amplifiers Must See :)
  176. Those of you running PRS mids
  177. DLS Ultimate Iridium 15 - Any feedback?
  178. quick question on remote turn on wire
  179. 8w7 on bridged 300/4?
  180. does this fit?
  181. Crossover Point (Good Match?)
  182. amp repair in phoenix?
  183. anyone run a single amp per side(either mono or 2 channel bridged)?
  184. Help! My sound is too "in your face"
  185. has anyone had problems with this
  186. CD-UB100 Where to buy locally?
  187. Your opinon please.......
  188. Anybody know where I can get these?
  189. 3-way only - bass adjustment?
  190. Rumble from sub. Help.
  191. Tapped into factory wiring for subs, hitting out of phase about certain volume
  192. Sub amp
  193. 9886 vs DEH700BT in SQ for iPod
  194. Attn Seas Excel W16 users
  195. Amps drawn by PDX-5?
  196. High Quality Component That Can Be Powered From HU
  197. Anyone live in Potomac/Bethesda/Rockville MD?
  198. Who was your car audio "mentor" ?
  199. Dyn 240 GT. Active or passive?
  200. Would this amp be enough to get the most out of an 12" IDQ V3?
  201. System set up...need help please
  202. DRZ 9255 - Separate Gain/Phase per speaker?
  203. Troy Burkhart
  204. Ideas for Kickpanel installs in 1995 Maxima?
  205. New audio set-up having possibly overheating problems?
  206. need advice, active crossover
  207. Reccomendations for Indash av/dvd type HU
  208. Is electronic polarity the same as mechanical polarity?
  209. How a well installed after market system compare with stock LX470's
  210. How a well installed after market system compare with stock LX470's
  211. Sony XAVW1 time alignment calibration help
  212. Oz Audio
  213. Good mids for smallish fiberglass kicks? Low Vas questions.
  214. Small subwoofers and lots of speakers
  215. Kicker Competition or JL Audio W1's???
  216. old crossfire amps anything special? white ones cfa series...
  217. Frequency Response Curve - what should it look like?
  218. Memphis MCSQ Mids
  219. Need 12" subwoofer, 700-800w RMS with <7.5" mounting depth
  220. Best place to buy Dynaudio? Any forum people dealers?
  221. X-max terminology questions
  222. Question on fuses vs. circuit breakers
  223. What color to paint tweeter pods and why?
  224. Time Delay (Impulse response) advice
  225. Help: Adhesive for bonding Metal to Plastic
  226. Dimming - Question for DLS Ultimate series amp users
  227. Pioneer WAV file problems
  229. new guy front stage question. help please.
  230. Any Pioneer dealers in here?
  231. Desktop for software based tuning?
  232. building cross overs
  233. Do you like how your system sounds even though you are using a line output converter?
  234. Need Help with Woofer Replacement....
  235. Check out this shallow sub.
  236. Quick links to Car Audio Equipment
  238. Amps with remote gain controls
  239. Which album do you enjoy to listen the most in you car?
  240. Who is goin to IASCA SQC in Florida
  241. A way to test noise barriers and sound deadeners
  242. Tweeter to pair with Alpine SPX-17Pro Mids?
  243. Fire Driver up into plexi??
  244. Rear Speaker / Head Rest Speaker Recommendation?
  245. mounting lotus metal dome tweets
  246. Madisounds magazine.
  247. Crossover Settings on H701
  248. Quick wiring question
  249. The old adage: "Driving on the highway, you won't notice the difference" ...
  250. Speaker upgrade... worth it?