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  1. Where can I get specs for...
  2. 2000 VW Jetta-Speaker sizes needed
  3. Prologic II on the H701
  4. AES 10 question
  5. JBL MS-8
  6. In-line fuse/breaker for hifonics bxi 1608d
  7. Help me choose HPF and LPF please!!!
  8. where to 'aim' a-pillar tweeters?
  9. Pioneer D1720C - Just Arrived!
  10. Help me!! My amp have trouble
  11. what gauge wire was uses as leads for PPI 2150m and other M series.maybe AM as well..
  12. Best place to mount my midrange??
  13. Anyone 'scope a CDA-7995?
  14. OEM system integration with Alpine VPA-B222 question
  15. What amp to use?
  16. converting japanese fm tuner, possible?
  17. Aura bass shaker type devices.
  18. dsp off stock unit
  19. rca's burning up
  20. Will ensolite hold moisture?
  21. Elemental Designs stepping up their amps?
  22. New Arc Mini 125.2
  23. a/d/s 344is, how low can they play?
  24. Help with Alpine Parts
  25. Need some help on my install
  26. RS100-4 vs RS52 dedicated midrange
  27. ...and now for something completely different(?)...Windshield foam!
  28. Dynaudio 17W75 (old version) vs MW160
  29. Pioneer USB adaptor song title>? (CD-UB100)
  30. what would happen - low level signal to a high level input?
  31. Nasty sounds at 100hz
  32. Where to find thin rubber "V-channel" ??
  33. peerless 830520 midbase
  34. the headroom thread.
  35. 4-way active + rear fill + imprint.
  36. How often do you replace a set of keepers?
  37. I didn't know you could patent a center image...
  38. Components needed to power up gear outside of car?
  39. Rockford 6" mid-bass RFR-1406
  40. 6 channel amp opinions
  41. need mid for 4 way system, help please!?
  42. when are the new TRU steel series coming out?
  43. Pioneer guts
  44. Need help with box question
  45. Sub amp (Blaupunkt THA275) seems to clip pretty easily. Suggestions?
  46. *******Name the best song you have heard*********
  47. Harmonic distortions from amp
  48. Elemental Designs SQ10 Vs. Tang Band TW-1427B
  49. Biggest Driver in the Door
  50. Help with creating mono rear.
  51. Logic 7 Workarounds
  52. Soundstream VGA 800.5
  53. EQ QUESTION ,suggestions are welcome
  54. Leaking Caps in amps
  55. rainbow recones on germaniums?
  56. JL 12W6v2 vs. Image Dynamics IDQ12V3.D4
  57. RE SE15 or Dayton HO15?
  58. Fi reconed my subs w/ woven tinsel leads, one w/out...difference?
  59. amp gains on 4 channel amp
  60. high pitch buzz over compenents?
  61. Dayton 3 Way Combo
  62. BMW 325i Wiring
  63. I've regressed from a full SQ system to a deck and 4 speakers
  64. Need some Phoenix Gold help
  65. well what would u do
  66. Active vs Passive - What's the difference
  67. Damn Honda ELD! Any workarounds found?
  68. MMATS Dreadnaut vs. RE MX
  69. Anyone had RF 3sixty Bluetooth interface problems?
  70. grrr backorder this, back order that
  71. US Amps axtu600
  72. 8" subwoofer
  73. Mid-range help
  74. I don't think I could ever be a pro installer.
  75. Old Kicker Manufacturer?
  76. recones
  77. Alpine nav help needed
  78. lets see ur substage
  79. Setting up 360.1 &.2 for 3 way full active
  80. Anyone in Boston Southeatern MA to help with fg box and apillars
  81. Re-tuning an already built enclosure
  82. Zach , did i miss your review ?
  83. passive x-over question
  84. Can anyone identify amplifier topology by gutshot?
  85. Dashmat question
  86. Dash mat question
  87. best tweeter for this location 3500 or 4khz up?
  88. Elemental Designs SQ10
  89. Looking for an active SQ setup with dvd/navigation/ in dash
  90. RCA cable broke...damage head unit?
  91. Anyone seen these yet?
  92. Need a 5/6 ch Amp...Which One? HELP
  93. PPI A600
  94. EQ-ing Eclipse CD8455 sub output
  95. 15" sub suggestions ?
  96. Anyone have experience with BG Neo8's?
  97. Is AiNet unique or can I find it at Parts Express as a common cable?
  98. 8" Mid that can be used in a 2-way?
  99. Help me fix this Momo amp, get it fixed, or get it off my hands for $50
  100. IB DVC 15
  101. staging trade offs
  102. DD vs. XXX
  103. Cousin's $150 buget subbage thread.
  104. Tuning Help, Familliar With Slayer?
  105. Can you please help me tune my amp...pretty please!
  106. The coaxial porn thread
  107. Dls or Audison
  108. Help me make up my mind!
  109. Cheap Stealth Jeep System
  110. WTB: IDQ 10" v2 dvc 2 ohm
  111. For those experienced w/ Alpine PXA-H701, RUX-H701 and VPA-B222
  112. AMPS are in!!!!
  113. Need Opinion
  114. Amp has serious problem.. Electronically inclined please aid if possible
  115. Imprint with rear speakers?
  116. Noisy audio control DQS
  117. Alpine pxe-h650
  118. Opinions on new Cobalt amps 600.4 & 800.1
  119. Premier DEH-P800PRS... where to get for cheap?
  120. Maxi fuse, anything smaller than 20 amp?
  121. Does trunk size matter?
  122. installing eq
  123. Recone 15" sub or ????
  124. lowest impedence for pdx.1.1000
  125. Reconditioning/Cleaning ZPA amps?
  126. Good install shop in Phoenix, Az
  127. DLS R1070 or Boston Acoustics SL95
  128. JL zr tweeters
  129. Peerless SLS 830667? Any equal 6.5?
  130. Blackbird owners, please check coordinates for me.
  131. Can the Alpine iDA-X100 control the PXA-H701?
  132. Tuning for lower volumes...
  133. Alpine KTX-100EQ
  134. Hacking into Ai-Net?
  135. How many of you guys enjoy the music you listen to?
  136. Replacement for 10w7
  137. Rockford Fosgate P3D215 15" dvc
  138. Forcing Stereo Downmix on H701
  139. Where can I buy good speakers
  140. "Skin effect" on large gauge power wires an other ramblings...
  141. What to buy?
  142. added 2 amps, now problems with car.
  143. Back wave issue? What ya think
  144. Selecting Replacement Amp LED's
  145. What's in your sub enclosure?
  146. Why dont more people use lead in their dampening lineup
  147. How many degrees off axis is the door location?
  148. Is this sub even functional?
  149. Sonic bliss
  150. pra h400 dac's better than 7949 internal dac?
  151. Kicker L7
  152. dodge quad cab install ?
  153. subwoofer phase, 63 and 50 hz.
  154. So What's up with Oz Audio?
  155. Is a Pre-amp required for PC Measurement
  156. many toys+external processor or no toys with processing?
  157. does anyone know the speaker size for my car?
  158. The effects of shorting rings (long)
  159. Do You Hate Making Crossovers?
  160. recommend dual 2 ohm coil sub?
  161. 8" fit in a 2008 2 door Accord?
  162. Distribution blocks...plated brass/copper?
  163. Help: Is this my first Blowen sub?
  164. exile audio????
  165. got an answer for me?
  166. Break in Period / Diamond
  167. Sub surround repair help
  168. High Output Alternators
  169. techflex/heat shrink, size?
  170. New guy- hello, and with a problem
  171. Upgrade door seals / weather stripping for less road noise
  172. Tweeter buzz driving me crazy!!!
  173. 6x9 VS. 6.5 Component
  174. Morel Tempo 6
  175. Anyone ever seen this?
  176. denford logo removal
  177. Alpine Imprint and XM radio ?
  178. Big 2....??
  179. Ampifier hiss
  180. Arc 4150 xxk and Zapco 9.0 c2k
  181. mobile theater question
  182. Does anyone make a 3.5" coaxial...that doesn't suck?
  183. Tweeter Positions
  184. Need advice on speakler selection
  185. Deep South Nationals - Scores
  186. Vehicles with small interiors, need help
  187. Newer crunch amps??
  188. Dynaudio 19w38
  189. DLS or Seas 27TAFNC/G tweets
  190. Component speakers an infinity coxials
  191. X-Over Points, Slopes... Random Thoughts/Issues
  192. 3"-4" mid and tweet combo for passive use
  193. Anywhere to buy 1ft. RCA Cables?
  194. is it better to eq before or after the active crossover?
  195. Where to buy subsonic filter?
  196. Amp internals... what do they really tell us
  197. Old Alphasonik amp any good?
  198. Running Camry Power Wire
  199. Alpine PDX-5 bridged?
  200. Zapco DC360.4 help needed
  201. low profiler subs had anybody had herd anything good about them
  202. Alpine PDX-5 Guts Pics
  203. Time to do my 1st SQ active...but...
  204. need RCA cables on the cheap...
  205. Is it just me?
  206. Tuning and Installation
  207. Trying to identify an older RF amp....
  208. interesting FACT about pioneer 880
  209. Add a second sub, or try something different?
  210. Add a secnd sub, or try something different?
  211. flatline 12s or idv3 12s sealed?
  212. Too lazy to build kicks...Q-Forms vs. Door/Dash locations?
  213. Noob looking for SQ sub advice
  214. a 3-way pickle - mids.
  215. How to open a pdx amp?
  216. help me troubleshoot my system
  217. RCA Balanced/Unbalance question
  218. Suggestions for mids <2.80" depth
  219. Please help me select x-over points for DLS MS6a 2way active setup...
  220. cooling my Cadence
  221. 3/4 way active x there an easy way to decide?
  222. Illsuion, Kicker, Image Dynamics or Vifa
  223. x overs, active /passive..sonic differences?
  224. Where to buy arc
  225. Power/Remote/Ground order on the plug for a PAR-225?
  226. Recommendations on E36 M3 setup
  227. Tang Band 3.5" point source coaxial
  228. 3-way question.
  229. POLL: Pick your 8" Midbass
  230. is this what I think it is?
  231. D.I.Y. stand alone processor?
  232. What is the best between the 2:SS Revelator 18W4 VS Seas Lotus
  233. solder/electronics, how long they good for?
  234. reputable shop?
  235. Alpine H701 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. zapco psu wiring info (rj45)
  237. Next project: Going 3-way + sub
  238. correct way to 'reset' pio 880?
  239. simple way to test amp channel output with a d.m.m.?
  240. How to Run RCA's for active 4ch setup?
  241. Quick Wiring Opinion Question
  242. Illusion audio, Kicker or Vifa mids
  243. Maybe the beginning of car audio...
  244. MTX PRO50X4-RMS?
  245. 1 channel, of 6 channel amp faulty?
  246. Most money spent?
  247. Question regarding on vs. off axis response
  248. Amp terminal too small for 4 gauge - is there an adapter for this?
  249. Best OEM Integration?
  250. Additional Pioneer EQ accessories?