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  1. Possibly changing subs, need input
  2. i've got the room for large format, worth it ?
  3. What is my A/D/S PH30 worth?? pics inside
  4. need info.. alpine cda-9835.. 3way switch...bass engine pro
  5. I need help deciding on Techflex. Poll
  6. need help!!! bmw e46 upgrade
  7. Finally get a car worthy of an amazing install....
  8. Nakamichi PA-4100 Reviews???
  9. DIY System on $500 Budget
  10. Linear power 2002....input?
  11. Mono Signal, I'm I Correct
  12. Advertising on DIYMA
  13. Mustangs trunk ideas, galleries?
  14. Can someone help me with choosing my front stage?
  15. Who needs a quick hookup, $20...crutchfield..
  16. Help with soundstage
  17. Best SQ amp
  18. Dead amp, how to remove board?
  19. My new 5 channel.. anyone guess what it is?
  20. LINEAR POWER 952 repair?
  21. Two 12's or One 15 Titanic Mk III
  22. Question for a build from the ground up
  23. Phoenix Gold M44
  24. Kicker power ratings
  25. Understanding my SPL readings
  26. I got sub box pop's!
  27. Sub enclosure help (position, suggestions..)
  28. I have 4 AWG...maybe I need 0 AWG??
  29. Question about the 9887
  30. Tweeter suggestions please!
  31. First active run, what tweeters?
  32. Has anyone done a high end install in an RX-8?
  33. Replacement for Accord OEM speakers
  34. Focal 27V2 specs? Passive Radiator Question.
  35. Need help with ground
  36. 1st active system
  37. Relation b/t low frequency, wavelength, and spl at far distances
  38. Wire Experts: What can I solder to a wire to fit these things right?What Terminal (?)
  39. Amp selection : Mcintosh, TRU, ZAPCO, ARC
  40. Hydrolic Lift Shocks
  41. Wang with SQ, 15in, 2 cubes, around $200 shipped
  42. 12W6's or IDMAX12
  43. Searching for 2-Way Components
  44. Help required - old school HCCA 225 good for powering up an amp?
  45. JBL 1200GTi For IB Use?
  46. Looking for good tweeters that will fit in the stock civic housings
  47. Petition for car electronics manufacturers
  48. balanced inputs on amp, un-balanced outputs on HU - problems?
  49. Where did all the threads go?
  50. Who uses ZERO Eq???
  51. 88 crx Door speaker question.
  52. Marine Battery In a Car?
  53. Help us with the rules of this forum
  54. First
  55. Doubling up / using two crossovers
  56. My new favorite SQ sedan
  57. How to get started ?
  58. Cadence amp opinions
  59. Voltage Display
  60. Regarding RF 3sixty.2 install?
  61. PDX 1.600 questions...(LONG)
  62. What are some current JDM gear not commonly available here?
  63. in a bit of a pickle...need suggestions.
  64. First Build Thread Ever! Need Opinion/Tips...
  65. Step Inside: THE Ultimate Dirt Cheap SQ Challenge!
  66. Can you solve my mystery problem?
  67. Using the internal amp of DVA9861+PXA 701?
  68. What am I forgetting for install day?
  69. SQ in a Jeep Wrangler - Should I bother?
  70. Superduty Door Panel ideas
  71. Question for Alpine DVA-9860/9861 users........
  72. Help Me Understand
  73. Amp suggestions... Need to compile a short list
  74. w505 Hiccup Already
  75. Any Diamond Audio dealers out there??????????????????????
  76. Linear power 2002 How much??
  77. New Focal 165VR.......
  78. My ears won't allow me to listen to my system the way I like
  79. component set impedence question
  80. symbilink pin configs?
  81. Which Head Unit? oldschool vs. new
  82. Question about DVC, OHMS and watts RMS HELP
  83. Battery selection for '02 Exporer
  84. Highend Passive crossovers?
  85. Mach5audio
  86. I hate car audio, help me redesign
  87. what is mid-bass?
  88. One Year Later...Rammat/Ensolite...Thumbs UP!
  89. Building an active setup....need suggestions
  90. Experience with Power Wire Insulation, like that of Tubular nylon?
  91. Looking for smoother sound - swap tweeters?
  92. Sources for Custom CNC Work (Aluminum)
  93. blown or not?
  94. Silverado vent outlet noise
  95. How to compensate for lacking midbass?
  96. What power wire size do you run?
  97. Fs/X-Over Relationship
  98. Efficiency Calculator
  99. Fuse holder on "big 3" Alt-->Batt + ?
  100. NOOB with new deck!
  101. Mixed mono center channel with L-pad? Help!
  102. can some one help me please
  103. Battery Terminals
  104. Advice Needed for Topics for Advanced SQ Seminar
  105. Vented Midranges
  106. Anyone have any experience with these - Seas 27TFFNC/CG
  107. Help setting up active
  108. need help on amps!
  109. Ok, need a free-air 8"...
  110. OK guys I am confused with what to do for front stage! HELP!
  111. please help!! i need to pick an amp
  112. XTANT 3300C vs 3300x
  113. Bolts for ISO mounting Alpine
  114. looking 2 go 2 way active
  115. ...I'm looking for the very best top of the line system for my brand new car...
  116. Any good place to get old school decks repaired
  117. Preliminary Test Fitting...
  118. Dayton RS off-axis
  119. dual voice coil or single?
  120. Power wire for RF 25toLife Power 1000?
  121. Breaking signal by using slides could "hurt" the 'sq'?
  122. a great place to start
  123. Will putting my tweeters on-axis make them louder?
  124. Dual 6.5" kickpanels, does enclosure volume matter?
  125. Wich would you choose? DLS OA12D or IDMAX
  126. search feature sucks, so pros/cons on and off axis list
  127. How long did it take you to learn tuning by ear?
  128. Underwhelmed with my new with SQ!
  129. Rear deck speakers in, improvement in imaging. ?
  130. old Soundstream like amps
  131. Well Worth the wait.
  132. Is anyone willing to let me borrow there RTA?
  133. Linear power 5002iq Was this smart?
  134. Brief history of Panasonic Bottlehead
  135. FOCAL POLYGLASS 165V2S Tweets...compared the tweets to
  136. Has anyone used these with success? JL Clean Sweep/ RF 360/ MTX Req?
  137. What are your knowledge gaps?
  138. GREAT Sprinter Van Article in Car Audio Mag
  139. EQ / other way to control sub volume
  140. sub/HU tuning
  141. Question about Amp Speaker Polarity.
  142. impact
  143. Looking for a sub to fill a very specific role...
  144. Unusual Noise
  145. beryllium and ceramic dome tweeters from TB
  146. What do you guys think of these as a midbass?
  147. Any user reviews of the Alpine Blackbird II?
  148. WTF!!!!!!!!!! NEED HELP
  149. Noob on active setups
  150. Dayton HO or Titanic MK III
  151. TC and tweeters?
  152. DRZ9255 or Alpine HU+H701
  153. Advice on what goes with CAL27
  154. Does anyone know about these- Diamond HP 650 hex set
  155. tweeter aiming/placement (i searched)
  156. Is this an active HU
  157. Who works for Infiniti (car company)?
  158. Help with tweets
  159. Anyone with Alpine's H100 willing to let me take it for a test drive?
  160. Stock 318ti stereo?
  161. Does anyone know the story behind these amps? "Charles Weiland" stamped on them?
  162. Which power option makes sense?
  163. System Choice: Help me out
  164. Nakamichi repair?
  165. can I plug multiple plugs into a single ipod?
  166. Factory 4Runner now gets Eclipse Head unit.
  167. dual mono setup
  168. Newb needs help choosing a front set of comps...
  169. Anyone heard/used this
  170. Hello again. Making changes, need suggestions.
  171. For all of you nay-sayers...............
  172. Cerwin Vega EXL & Arc Audio - Guts Comparison Pics
  173. powering speakers- from audio junkies
  174. Dayton Audio WT3 Woofer Tester
  175. Diyma 12. Quick question.
  176. Need Help from the Circuit Geeks
  177. Cadence specs don't jive
  178. Eclipse 88100Ti Help
  179. Pioneer DEH-P800PRS rca inputs
  180. mono block or multi ch amp?
  181. Anyone here ever use an Audio Control Epicenter?
  182. I'm flip flopping again
  183. Passive Radiators?
  184. Do subwoofers go through a "break-in" period?
  185. Is this wiring overkill?
  186. Dayton RS100-4?
  187. Problems with Rotary knob
  188. How can I accomplish this?
  189. Preamp/line driver choice?
  190. Alpine 9886 with PXA-H100 help needed
  191. Eclipse Head Units... Issues?
  192. Couple of options for my subs- advice
  193. pxa-h700 wire harness fits h510?
  194. Thanks to everyone for your help
  195. Alpine PXA-H701 Vs. Alpine PXE-H650
  196. 12/24db crossover and phase
  197. Using Aux input (Not Ipod) on Alpine CDA-9887
  198. What is/was the difference between the Eclipse ECD-414, 415, 416, 510
  199. pg xs amps?
  200. tweeter placement question
  201. eBay Warning!! Don't buy from this guy!
  202. Becker Mexico
  203. Something seems really fishy about this eBay ad...
  204. how good are older Alumapro subs?
  205. Asphalt VS Butyl
  206. Would this work out as well as I think?
  207. LPG Hinged Wedge Mounts
  208. where you listen most, determines your tuning.
  209. Help on this HU
  210. RE SE 15
  211. 3sixty.2 3way crossover?
  212. Ural Concert CCD
  213. Memphis MCA-150 or MCA-2004
  214. Center image jumps on higher octaves. How do you resolve this?
  215. Do I need Big 3 Kit?
  216. Interesting Cheap vifa tweet
  217. Anyone use a Planet Audio P706 6 channel?
  218. WTB: Dead Alpine - need CD mech
  219. Tuning issues...need help tracking down the ranges
  220. Steering wheel control compatability
  221. Another stupid question.....
  222. Alpine 9877 vs Alpine F1 cda7990 vs DRZ9255
  223. Recommend me a 6.5 driver with the Blaupunkt Vc100 tweeter!
  224. Does it matter which way you plug in an Ai-net cable?
  225. Question about AudioControl DXS
  226. Rockbox'd ipod n KCE-422i iPod cable
  227. New system Bugs (helllpppp!)
  228. Amp for Dayton HO or Titanic Mk III
  229. doing my bit to stimulate the economy
  230. Advice for limited IB options
  231. receiver extension kits.....
  232. WTD: Opinions on PPi 2350DM
  233. Anyone know a professional SQ installer in Phoenix?
  234. Dumb question on twisted pair
  235. Opinions - Crystal and Elemental Designs
  236. Chrysler Crossfire/Mercedes SLK320 Wiring Question
  237. fi Q vs resonant SX
  238. components sensitivity rating?
  239. Strange 'double' note bass?
  240. Anyone here have experience with a Soundstream Picasso? The old one...
  241. Quick stupid install question
  242. Another phono/RCA grounding question...
  243. 10 inch sub advice needed
  244. Midrange/Tweeter Mounting Proximity
  245. ADVICE- Need a decently decent HU for around $130 or less (for a friend's install)
  246. Looking for someone to test my Mark Levinson Sub...
  247. amp stopped workin
  248. tang band subs... 6.5"
  249. ESX Q amps
  250. Memphis, Zapco, or Treo Amp for sub?