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  1. Car clips
  2. Rambling intro and request for some advice
  3. Need suggestions for simple 2 RCA out head unit
  4. Is this an accidental bandpass?
  5. with equal processing on 2 different drivers?
  6. Where to start n my project
  7. any feedback on radical audio suiss speakers brand.?
  8. [ATTN SOCAL MEMBERS] Looking for Good SQ Installer in Los Angeles
  9. MB Quart 8" RWE-202
  10. Your Gear Through The Years (Amps & Subs)
  11. Factory Wiring Color Guide Help
  12. distance between mid+tweet and midbass?
  13. Anyone with any experience with Beyma MC115 dome midrange?
  14. beneficial to dynamat the inside of sub box??
  15. Rta Curve?
  16. 3.5" dash mounted driver...what to buy?
  17. what ts param defines box size requirement?
  18. Less gain needed for right tweeter - please advise
  19. Help want to add mid's
  20. In need of external crossover...I believe?
  21. Will going active make any speaker sound better?
  22. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What parts are blown on this amp?
  23. ECD-416 to DAC348
  24. any recommendations for a center and rear fill speakers?
  25. 2001 Tundra SR5 audio question...
  26. MTM arrays in A-pillars?
  27. Comments on issues regarding tweeters in corner of dash - your input plz
  28. Is anything wrong with active XO?
  29. Output voltage of Ipod Nano 4gig?
  30. Confusion on amp gains and seting up crossovers.
  31. Parrot or Alpine KCE-300BT intergration for cell bluetooth
  32. Are my Lotus's fronts counter productive?
  33. Pioneer Pioneer B11EC80-02F 5.25" Mids
  34. Pics of ID OEM mid next to Rainbow CMX Kick mid
  35. Potential excellent midbass driver.. XBL^2
  36. OMG- i think my W200 screen just died!
  37. Eclipse CD7200mkII vs. CD3200
  38. Active crossover questions
  39. Earthquake audio : Keep or sell?
  40. Earthquake audio : Keep or sell?
  41. Hows this for an IB 12" sub?
  42. Sub Question - 10" or 12"
  43. Tweeters in doors or A-pillars?
  44. Audison ?
  45. Help: good Bass in a 6X8?
  46. ppi power class amp question
  47. advise on this morel elate 6 3w
  48. Newb Question
  49. DIY Clarion CeNet Y-splitter cable?
  50. Help with a Hifonics amp
  51. Sound damping on the cheap...
  52. Blew my type-x tweeter..
  53. ohio/Indiana/Pen/Michigan meet? To help Grampi program his remote:)
  54. Sub question
  55. RTA mic holding device
  56. Looking for a Midrange Speaker
  57. Pioneer P9 and ODR high end units
  58. 12" IDMAX or 12" iD with only 250-300 Watts?
  59. Why I hate my amplifier...
  60. Can you hear your stereo from 25 feet?
  61. Honda Factory Steering Remote Control
  62. What to use-flexible heat/ac duct ?
  63. Looking to switch...
  64. Completely free RTA Software - Would this work?
  65. Born again Newbie needs help!!
  66. My best friend "Dreams come TRU" returns to my family
  67. Help with winisd
  68. DLS dealers on DIYMA?
  69. RSD tweeters vs
  70. Another sub choice! Which to run?
  71. System help
  72. Alpine head unit choices 9886 9887 from 9883 and 9857...
  73. How did you get your Alpine IVA-W505 to play .WAV files?
  74. Clarion 785 Ipod control
  75. Need manual for Nakamichi...
  76. Morel Problem, Who to blame?
  77. Best SQ quality digital file format?
  78. Is this too much power for tweets?
  79. Midbass, intermittent "sticking" in morning?
  80. 2008 Civic Speaker Locations
  81. Need some 6.5" Mids - ID or Dynaudio? HELP
  82. mustang convertible + 2 JL audio 13tw5s
  83. Speaker upgrade - Dyn system 242 vs Rainbow 265 Profi Kick
  84. Underpowering Subs - Can it hurt?
  85. Panasonic CQ-TX5500 (bottlehead) Aux-Input Question?
  86. Seeking some advice (LCY ribbons, mid?, +more)
  87. 3 way in a Camaro, where to put drivers?
  88. Help with AUDIO CONTROL
  89. Need to stop a vibrating panel.
  90. Has anybody heard of Power Pro Audio?
  91. Question about Zapco CS
  92. Helpand advice for next steps
  93. Head Unit Mount Idea - Any problems with this?
  94. Noise floor issues
  95. No More CD's or Ipod's for me?? DRZ9255 optical input fooled
  96. Sub crossover frequency
  97. Anyone have expirence with RFD 2212 Punch hx2's?
  98. DRZ-9255 heat problems
  99. Seas Neo Tweeters (please help)
  100. Anybody familiar with US Amps tube amps?
  101. Wiring a Passive Xover with Tweeter In/Out and Woofer In/Out from 2 Chan
  102. Factory Ford dome light/subwoofer issue... Need fellow installers help
  103. Need Ideas On a Waterproof system in a Jeep
  104. Cheap sq amps?
  105. freq dip
  106. Sealed mid: whats ur take?
  107. Coax rears doing double duty?
  108. Kicker c-12a
  109. Stage Height Advice, please...
  110. INSTALL HELP- Steering Wheel Controls in 09 Forrester
  111. Predicting Cabin Gain?
  112. Does anybody have experience with a Solara?
  113. WTF could be LESS reliable then these freakin DRZ9255s?
  114. how to config subsonic control on Cadence ?A7Hc work
  115. parts express out of 6.5sub other options?
  116. mini line array in a 2-way?
  117. What's up with my 880's auto TA?
  118. cutting down RCAs
  119. Best tweeter to match Focal K2P mids.
  120. Small footprint 4-ch with xover capable of active?
  121. Hey all you Linear Power freaks...
  122. Bad Behringer DCX 2496
  123. Help Me Figure This Out...
  124. My new babbies... from Skaaning with love
  125. Displacement of 06CVX124?
  126. 8ohm(re5.7) or 4 ohm(re5.7)
  127. Choice narrowed to 2 amps...
  128. Using Xover on HU or amps
  129. Evaluate my setup please.
  130. Would this work? 4 channel amp use...
  131. Anyone use Fuzzmeasure Pro 3 on their Mac?
  132. A great shop in Atlanta
  133. any info on this Xovers?
  134. need help
  135. MTM ideas
  136. Would this setup work on my car?
  137. rca cable ?
  138. 720PRS / MLI-65 Comparison
  139. Has anyone ever used an Orion Concept amp?
  140. Winisd help
  141. Amp suggestion?
  142. Tang Band reaching out to SQ DIY'ers?
  143. Interesting NEW TB mids... Underhung 6.5 Midbass
  144. Arc 4150xxk peers?
  145. Question regarding connection of wires
  146. How to connect Zapco DSP6-SL Symbilink to Audison VRx amp Balanced input?
  147. Help with settings/controls on amps
  148. premier headunit freakin out !
  149. Advise needed - active setup
  150. Check out this WinSD plot for me.
  151. difference in adjusting gains vs. TA in a simple system
  152. Kicker 1000.1 or Alpine MRP-M1000
  153. Difference between Hybrid Audio L1 and L1 Pro?
  154. Amps with same power at 2 4 8ohms VS regular amps.
  155. Peerless "Autosound" Series
  156. n00b crossover, EQ, amp questions!
  157. Some advice requested
  158. After much Buying/Selling building, I think I have a system
  159. Hi-Vi car audio dealers in the States?
  160. W200/H701 combo - anyone ever have this problem?
  161. Building my first active system... sub?
  162. 5ch. amps
  163. lanzar optidrive products????
  164. DRZ9255 Question - and I did search first
  165. Audison VRx is old, when the newer model will come out?
  166. How to/not to be an audio-newbie. I know.
  167. Sirius + Alpine Problem !!!!
  168. Help with behringer dcx2496
  169. anyone has info on this ppi 2400 amp?
  170. Wire tap -- fundamentally crappy?
  171. Anyone know of a Critical Mass dealer?
  172. potential 3 way setup...suggestions
  173. Questions about wire shielding
  174. Anyone have any experience with Fostex FF125k?
  175. Rockford Fosgate 25toLife Power 1000 Guts Pics
  176. old MTX repair service?
  177. What should i ask for this equipment?
  178. Planned system, tell me what you think.
  179. new install. looking for comps
  180. help tuning my frontstage
  181. HDTV Tuner for CAR Finally CHEAP
  182. Center channel poll
  183. Honda Fit?
  184. Morel Dealer in Texas or Online
  185. Looking for a manual for the Aura Force amps.
  186. Single in-dash CD deck that hides it's face automatically?
  187. Brand new alpine 9987r and a few issues
  188. sub position
  189. new infinity kappa tweets....anyone smell vifa?
  190. which do you think is more important ?
  191. Please help me decide which amp is best match for me
  192. Kicker L7 15" Box
  193. 2005 BMW 530i H/U
  194. Distribution Block
  195. Parrot bluetooth kit - Noise?
  196. What is the sexiest amp gut you have ever seen???
  197. What is the purpose of tuning using an RTA?
  198. pdx amp ?
  199. What is an "octave"?
  200. Advice on speakers for BMW 328ci
  201. H701 volume control
  202. Ok final setup for the install, with planned upgrades already
  203. Peerless sub choices
  204. 360.2 plug (I'm buggin)
  205. 8 pin DIN plug questions
  206. CDA9833 skips...a lot..
  207. Dolby 5.1 problem...
  208. PPI Art '8V mod': Any downsides?
  209. Field experiment for 3-way active up-front users
  210. Anyone have info about Oz Products?
  211. pioneer p860mp active questions
  212. Speaker wire/ RCA's. Twisted pair vs normal...
  213. 2007 Honda Pilot Install
  214. Peerless SLS 8 proper enclosure size
  215. 9887 and h701
  216. Double Din DVD units
  217. trunk cars / rear shelf bass
  218. Veritas Accubass drivers
  219. to sell the Audison Vrx 4.300 to buy 2 DLS A3?
  220. Testing...1 , 2 Testing
  221. Memphis ST1500D Lack of Power
  222. Morel Subs? Are highend subs worth it?
  223. setting xover, slopes, etc.. active setup
  224. Questions about running in mono........
  225. Different XO setting between driver & passenger side
  226. Car Audio Upgrade
  227. Any interest in an attractive DCX2496 remote head?
  228. first watt
  229. Who can re-cone OLD mids
  230. Celestra VA210 guts ...
  231. 205 BBII nav interruption
  232. good 4 way crossover?
  233. More power or dedicated midbass?
  234. Alpine IVA-D106, what differentiates it from the W505?
  235. Upgrade?
  236. whats difference in TMA amp and JL amps?
  237. Best place to get PDX amps for CA resident
  238. Difference between Alphine W505 and W205?
  239. Installed Pioneer, PPI, Vifa, Morel
  240. Sound Deadning Question
  241. PG TLD 66 vs TRU SSLD6
  242. Now this is little crazy!
  243. What do you look for when looking at amp guts?
  244. Help me choose a replacement component set!
  245. Midbass suggestions
  246. How to biamp Focal utopia 165w crossovers
  247. Screen + DVDPlayer to use with DRZ9255
  248. Question regarding xover points and speaker location
  249. crossover help!
  250. what happened to the DIYMA sub?