I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata SE with the standard factory radio (no premium option or navigation.)
I've already replaced the factory speakers with 4 Polk Audio DXi 650s 6.5 inch 2 way speakers. The speakers are great, but the sound varies dramatically depending on the source. Even when I stream Pandora through the Bluetooth, the sound quality varies by channel. The volume is also way too low on some sources causing me to have to turn it up almost all the way just to hear it over the road noise.
I already have an MTX Thunder 4244 4 channel amp that I had hooked up in a truck and it sounded GREAT. I also ran a Clarion 7 band EQ with it to fine tune the sound which made a HUGE difference compared to an upgraded head unit and amp only.
What I am considering is adding an EQ(I don't have the Clarion anymore, so open to suggestions) with the MTX amp to the factory stereo. I've never added on to a factory system before, so this is new territory for me.
I am considering a HiFonics HFEQ4, Massive Audio EQ7, or the Autotek 7007. All three of them have line drivers. I am looking to install it in the center console armrest storage or the glove box.
Any suggestions on which EQ would be best out of those or other options? I listen to everything from dance to metal so I am leaning towards the Autotek so I have 7 bands for better fine tuning, especially on the 10k and up frequencies. I am planning to add a sub later so I want to have everything wired so that I can just connect and play when I get a sub.
Also, if I get an EQ with a built in line driver, do I simply need a 2 channel line-out converter so I have a 2 channel RCA signal for input into the EQ, then I run RCA's out to the MTX amp and the future sub amp?
All replies are appreciated.