Does anyone have an alpine ILX 007? I'm really hoping to get the new ilx 207 but I need to figure out ahead of time if how I need mount it would be possible.
I have a TSX that has the HU and hvac all integrated into one piece. The main board can't be separated or even cut down to allow an aftermarket HU to be installed.

What I can do ,which a few others have done, is extend the faceplate and integrate it where the stock radio is and still keep factory hvac controls and have the body mount behind the main hvac/radio board.

What I need to confirm is the faceplate connected to the chassis? Is it a solid terminal connection or ribbon cable? Other means of attachment. If by some chance it's a ribbon cable, how long is the oem cable? (Manufacturer and part number would be a plus)

Pacparts shows a ribbon cable as a part but doesn't list what it's for or anything else

Thanks to anyone who can help