I would like some opinions on my current system. I am upgrading my stereo in 2001 Lexus LX 470 (almost the same as a Toyota LandCruiser). This is the last year model with a non-navigation Mark Levinson factory system with 3 ways in the front doors.

I am replacing the headunit, amplifiers and speakers. Also, I am running a JBL MS-8 in 7.1 mode with 4" center channel firing up at the windshield, rear door speakers, 3rd row speakers & two 10" AudioFrog ported subs.
The doors are pretty tall and 6.75" midbasses are near the bottom. The 2.5" midrange are by the arm rest and blocked basically by your legs. The 1" tweeter is on the sail area.

My current choices are a 2 way AudioFrog system with a 6.5" in the bottom of the door and 1.5" tweeter custom mounted in the door in place of the seat preset selection buttons.

Or a 3 way AudioFrog 6.5", 2.5" and 1" system in factory locations.
I am not wild about kick panel speakers because I feel like your legs block the sound and I have also read that I shouldn't mount speakers in the A-Pillar locations if I am using a center channel speaker (because of reflections it doesn't provide enough stage width).

So please give me your opinions and don't worry you will not hurt my feelings.