So I was at the MERA Knowledgefest the last couple of days and a certain high profile Alpine employee was there for some of the trainings. At the end of one of them I asked when the new PXA-H701 was coming out. His response "soon enough". I about shit, because I was just kidding!!! After it was over, I approached him for more info, but he said he had already told me too much. Afterwards, I met him down in the exhibition hall and tried once more for some information. I got way more than I ever expected. Basically, it's going to be very similar, with some really cool improvements, in the same basic price range, and will indeed have an optical in. After he told me the optical part, I had to ask if that meant a resurgence in optical outs for the screens and/or head units. He told me that it wouldn't make much sense to produce a high end processor with an optical in and not offer a head unit with an optical out. It should also either include or have the option of a separate single din controller, much like the RUX-C701.

SO, there you go. I have a feeling that I'll be getting in trouble for this somehow, but I also feel like I should share this incredibly exciting news with you guys. I know there is probably a better suited area for this, but I wasn't sure what it was and because this section gets much more traffic, I thought it would be seen. Thanks, and I hope you are as excited as I am!!!