Although I'd love to get my hands on a PXA-H700/1 replacement just for the sake of it, you guys have to understand that most people DON'T care to tune the car themselves, we're a minority in the car audio market.

Let's not forget that the H700 did have auto-EQ and auto-TA, as did most upmarket Pioneer units, as did the F#1 (both generations). Did they work? Did they f*ck. Nowadays though, with modern algorithms, readily available chipsets and careful software design, it's much easier to auto-tune (and sound right). The Audyssey software found in Imprint, Audison's implementation in the BitOne and the DSP/Logic7 in MS-8 are all great examples of that. Some may be more capable than the others, but they all share the same basic concept.

Let's hope I'm 100% wrong though, and the new Alpine processor, aside of its auto features, has an all-out manually tunable environment.