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You didn't find the 36db per octave slope a little cold? I had previously had a 800prs, and I had the sub stage on 30db, but 36 on the p99 is so precise it takes a bit too much warmth out for my liking. I cranked it back to 24 at all points except the the tweeter low pass, which is set at 36db. That makes such a huge difference and reels in a lot of the harshness that comes with some tweeters natural top end roll off.
yeah I'm starting to notice this- especially with my Focal tweeters- but the bass sounds so good!

i plan to attempt to fix this when i'm able to get some quality tuning time in- hopefully by adjusting the 80hz+ EQ range / slope settings etc. for the mid bass drivers.

does anyone have the HD radio module with the DEX? I would like to know if it allows the DEX to display the RDS info like my old HU did.
i did notice some weird things in the auto tune settings-
the time alignment modes all drastically lower the subwoofer output level. I bumped up the SW level and the TA actually sounds much better- such a wide stage, it really is nice although I have more work to do.

autotune also reversed the phase of the subwoofer. it sounds great so I'm leaving it this way for now.

with such a clean signal output as mentioned in the first post above, allowing the volume to be much higher and less fatiguing than my old "decent" head unit despite its reputable specs and the same amp / gain settings, i would speculate that this DEX unit offers a sonic advantage over systems using a decent or factory head unit and an external signal processor to do the work.