After a nice couple of hours tuning today I am really really pleased with the SQ of this unit and the improvement from my previous one.

The amazing discovery I made today was during the process of left right EQ centering of the (31) EQ bands using the individual test tones that a poster provided links to in the "ate my windshield" thread.

It is absolutely amazing how reflections, slight turns of your head, even moving your arm to adjust the control on the deck- can completely alter the volume and direction perception of those focused individual tone signals. Also amazing is how different frequencies behave and react so much differently- even than their "neighbors" in a given octave or range of frequencies. The experience of tuning these 31 individual frequencies left and right to center them was truly eye opening and nothing what I expected. As the poster of the "windshield" thread mentioned, my EQ looks jacked. One band needed a severe cut on the left / boost on the right to be centered, while the next band up needed just the opposite form of correction.
It is little wonder why most "SQ" stock systems rely on heavier bass and midbass and softened vocals / high frequencies to get their "pleasing" sound. I have now learned how difficult and (expensive) it is to properly tune a system for a vehicle. If you don't have left / right EQ, especially the 31 bands that the DEX has, I would have to believe that achieving a decent stage focus is an uphill battle at best. I am so glad I didn't wait for the new pioneer unit to come out that only has 16 band EQ.

I'm telling you, this experience was enough to make me wish for sound absorbing glass- that I could get rid of those unbelievably focused laser beam reflections that act differently from frequency to frequency.

The process was just as if a brilliant light bulb lit up for the first time- now I understand!

You play a tone signal, say 1.5Khz, and it seems to be coming from the right. Turn your head just slightly, and your right ear no longer hears the tone, it drops in pitch, and your left ear hears it. Absolutely fascinating. Not only do I wish for sound absorbing window glass, I now feel that I need to keep my head totally steady while driving!