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This is something I want to try for myself, and I believe it's going to be as eye-opening as dialing in time alignment well for the first time. Thanks for your remarks in this thread.
no problem. the improvements i found after dialing in the L/R EQ are not as eye pobbing for me as they were for the "ate my windshield" DIYMA member. but i do notice much more stage stability, width and placement accuracy and I am finding more positives the more I play familiar material. the instruments and effects seem to be easier to locate, they pop out, you imagine them in the stage, and it is a nice effect. the tonality seems more balanced too- much less smearing.
by far (for me) the biggest benefit is knowing that if i hear a vocal that is left, right or center, I know that is how the recording was produced- that is how it is intended- and not because of an imbalance in the way my system is setup. i have confidence in the sound stage and don't have to wonder or quesition it- i can relax and listen, which is awesome!