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it is probably having difficulty with the T/A since you are running passive front and rears.

scrap the rears and put those amp channels on your front stage. go active. then you will really hear a difference in the imaging and sq
thanks for bringing this up!

I did not like the original autotune TA settings because it drastically lowered the level of the subwoofer channel- once I adjusted it I am now runing with the TA settings for the LEFT seat- it sounds much better than without TA.

I did do the L/R EQ centering with the TA turned off, and then turned it back on once I finished the EQ. I dont believe these two items are in conflict. As long as the distances are measured at the mic with the ticking sounds (which are not full frequency spectrum) - it delays the signal accordingly.


I am fully ready to go active- and would love to find a nice small amp that I can put behind the head unit to run my front tweeters. I just do not comprehend what value this has for me. I am happy with the level of the tweeters, the passive crossovers are well suited for my drivers based on their frequency plots. What would I gain?

Regarding the rear speakers, or "rear fill" as some people call it, I definitely like the added mid-bass the rear door mid-woofers provide.

With the rear speakers on the "LOW" channel on the DEX, I did experiment with cutting the high frequencies out by setting a 2K crossover point for a low pass filter, 18db slope.
To me, and this is probably a personal preference, with all the high frequencies coming from the front speakers it sounded almost too precise, to easy to tell the direction of everything, and made the stage much smaller. I tried this for a day or so. Then I set the read door slope to "PASS" and let the high freqs through once again. Everything opened up, the stage became much larger, wider and deeper, even deeper forward, the vocals became "angelic" again, especially the female vocals. Call it ambience, or whatever but I am one that prefers this setup. It sounds much better to my ears, and I mean much better. My system is slowly becomming an SQ hall and I'm lovin it!