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So you are saying that playing full range on the back speakers make the front sound further away and wider? Are they being turn down of just leave at 0dB? Are they full range or only midrange woofers?
I have focal v165 vb components in the rear doors- tweeters are 12 o'clock 8 inches from the woofer centers. They are running about -4 db.

I am now running into a situation where the stage is too deep rearward on the right- getting too much exposure from the right rear tweeter making the stage have an L-shape accross the front and right.

I'll probably have to run a compromise where I start cutting the rear door high frequencies lower than pass but higher than 2K. This is a bummer but I can't avoid it- it is too distracting having the stage too deep on the right.
I am still not in love with a pinpoint front stage though with the rear tweeters completely cut. It just sounds too focused, too confined, flatter and less open.

When the rear speakers are properly blended, the sound stage still has left and right focus, it's repeatable but not so laser sharp. Much deeper and dispersed.

I know why most find rear "fill" a royal pain in the ass- more speakers, more amp channels, more HU channels, more expense, and more difficult to tune, but to me once dialed in it sounds better. You go to a live concert and you cannot have laser like sound directionality. Listening to a time aligned front stage sounds great but is not duplicating a live performance- it sounds more like a super deluxe boom box.