Hey guys,

As most of you know, I am a big fan of fake floor installs…the primary reasons behind this are the facts that fake floor builds take up less amount of usable cargo space and can be hidden out of view from potential thieves.

Over the years, I have probably done hundreds of fake floor installs of covering a wide range of complexity, sound quality and cosmetic flashiness…and I am very pleased to say that just recently, after spending about 2.5 month, I completed what I consider my ultimate fake floor install to date. What I mean by this is simple, the customer had the vehicle space, monetary budget and fine appreciation for music that I was able to achieve almost everything that I value in a car audio install.

The car is a brand new 2012 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L Sedan, and before I start, I want to make sure the following people are thanked for their invaluable support along the way:
  • Scott my ORCA rep for helping me set up a sponsorship package with ORCA and for being simply the best rep I have ever known
  • Duane and Nalaka from Orca for giving me the opportunity to showcase their gear, and especially Duane for helping me countless times along the way with great tips and advice
  • Clay my Stinger rep and the people at Stinger for offering their support on the project
  • Derek with Nav-TV for helping me with the video source on the car
  • Various great installers from around the country for offering up their advice and helpful tips along the way
  • Jesse aka killasharksj for helping me with parts of the build
  • Our very own Shinjohn for lending me his rivet nut gun
  • The folks at Silicone Valley laser for their precision laser cutting services
  • William of Williams autobody in San Mateo for once again coming up with a beautifully finished product
  • The folks at Oznium.com for supplying me with their awesome LED strips
  • Many guys on this very forum that showcase their knowledge and skill from which I gleaned valuable info for the project
  • And last but not least, Lars, the customer, who I have become good friends with, for trusting me with his new car and giving me the opportunity to do the install I have always wanted to do

There were many goals for this project:
1. Achieve a high level of sound quality, both for daily listening and for competition purposes
2. Strong focus on attention to detail during the build so the car can be competitive in install judging
3. Retain the car’s ability to serve as a daily driver by still retaining a reasonable amount of trunk space and the ability to keep everything hidden
4. Obtain a decent amount of cosmetic flashiness so it would stand on its own in a car show

Lets get started, shall we? Because there are almost 600 pictures in this log, I am going to divide them into sub categories, so the flow of the read may be slightly different than my typical build.

One thing I do want to mention is that for the second time, I have decided to utilize ZERO screws…every single thing in the install is secured via some type of bolt or cap bolt into an insert or rivet nutsert. The final tally:
Rivet Nutsert: 26
Threaded Inserts: 211
Bolts: 238
Washers: 47
Lock washers: 54

What this means is that for every single occasion where a screw could be used, I had to measure, center punch, drill, sand, insert, sand again and vacuum…taking roughly about a minute to 2 minutes per item. Thank goodness for my OCD that I actually got some enjoyment out of it! (you will see the inserts circled in red throughout the build)

Also of note is that every single piece of wire in the car has been covered in checkered flag techflex sleeving, with heatshrink termination…with the exception of one cable, which had ends that were too thick to pass sleeving through, that cable is protected by split loom throughout the car.

Lets start off with some pictures of the car itself…With some light mods to it as I received it: