Pillar Build

Moving onto the build pics of all the pillars. First I removed all three pairs of pillars from the car, they are covered in a foam backed grille mesh like material that was REALLY hard to remove:

After about half a days worth of cursing, scraping with my finger nails, grinding and sanding, I managed to strip all of them:

As mentioned before, I tried out various aiming positions and locations for the A pillar speakers, the last one worked the best and I based my mold off that:

To ensure that the A pillar pods had a high degree of precision throughout, I routed out a whole bunch of pieces for it…some of which acts purely as presses so that when the fiberglass is curing, it would hold its shape with no warpage:

These are the primary pieces of the pillar pod, two mounting baffles, and two top grille pieces. Note I sunk a total of 8 al-ni-co magnets into them so they would be held on during spirited driving yet not be so tight to make it impossible to remove.

The base baffle then had a flush mounting wall of low heat plastic attached to it:

And about two hours of aiming and reaiming later, I secured them at the proper angle to the A pillars:

Grille cloth was then pulled across the shape, resin applied and allowed to cure. Close to 2 liters of durglass/resin mixture was then poured into the pod to render it extremely solid:

Then I shaped the mold with filler and sanded it down smooth…perhaps one of the most difficult shapes I have had to sand…took a full day just for this process:

The interior walls of the pods then received first a layer of modeling clay to kill resonance:

And then an additional layer of deamplifer pro to add additional mass and also to help secure the clay in place:

The pillars were then painted with grey primer so that no colors would bleed through the flocking:

And they were then flocked with a custom mixed fiber set from DonJer Flocking Fibers Supplies Suede-Tex Soft Flock Rayon Nylon Spray Applicators Kits Adhesive Cars Decoys Rods

The Focal utopia tweeter cup was then press fit into the opening on the baffle with a small dab of hot glue:

And then the pillars were installed back into the car via OEM clips and bolts, and the Focal midrange and tweeters wired up and secured:

For this build, I also wanted to make sure that the grilles themselves are fully finished, so no glue or staples can be seen. So they were a two piece design. With a 3/8” lower portion and a 1/8” top portion.

The top portion, which will be wrapped in black grille cloth, was painted black for consistency in color. The bottom parts were trimmed to fit around the mounting screw heads on the speakers andt hen coated with resin to seal it up:

The bottom potions were then painted with grey primer:

And then flocked:

The top portion, meanwhile, was wrapped in high grade grille cloth:

The two pieces were then bonded together using JB woodweld, for a finished product that is pleasing to look at from either side:

After that, I turned my attention to the B and C pillars.

Here you see the B pillar sanded smooth after a layer of body filler:

And then coated with primer and flocked:

The same treatment was then applied on the C pillar panels:

This is easily the most amount of time I have ever spent on an interior of a car…but in the end to me and to the customer, it was well worth it.