Misc. Interior Build

This section covers the other items built in the interior that isn’t purely speaker related.

First is the ashtray switch panel. Here is the OEM astray:

The panel consists of two pieces, a top portion that is a ring and matches the opening of the stock ashtray, and a lower portion for the switches…quite a delicate task to get right as they both extremely small:

After some filler and sanding, the two pieces were smooth:

They were then bonded together using JB woodweld:

And test fitted in the center console:

The piece was then coated with a layer of resin to seal it up so it doesn’t absorb the glue for the flocking fibers:

And hit with black paint for color consistency:

It was then flocked with black fiber, and when that dried, it was test fitted against in the car…it presses right in and stays in place like a glove:

Here are the switches wired up with quick disconnects and ready to go:

And the switches sunk into the panel:

Here are the wires that lead from the interior of the car for the two switches, as well as the IR eye for the Pioneer DVD changer, which flushes into the bigger opening on the panel:

This is the new cable I made up for the AUX video in, by cutting and soldering the OEM Ipad/Iphone cable with a standard RCA cable:

Here is that cable being routed through the center armrest, ziptied to OEM bundles every few inches, and then passing through a grommet:

Here is the Pro-Clips phone mount with hardwire option I used:

And I also added a Video In Motion module from Nav-TV so that the DVD changer screen can remain on even when moving:

One thing I wanted to do with this car was to make it into a vehicle capable of doing SQ2 two seat judging. And since the OEM source unit utilizes a version of the Logic 7 surround processor (altered from the MS8), I decided to wire up the OEM center channel speaker so we can turn it on and off. This way, by tapping into a different pre-set with altered time alignment functions, flipping the switch to power on the OEM center channel and turning the Logic 7 surround ON in the menu selection, we can go from a single seat vehicle to one that does admirably well for two seat listening.
So here is the OEM center channel:

The negative wire leading to the speaker plug was cut and then reconnected to a pair of wires that lead down to the switch in the ashtray and then the speaker installed back in place:

Moving on now to sound proofing of the rear deck…here is what the deck normally looks like:

The OEM subwoofer was removed to gain a nice and big port into the trunk for the subbass to come through:

The focus was put on the rear deck cover as it tends to have the most rattles…so first went on a layer of deamplifier pro:

Followed by a layer of foam to help isolate it from the metal below:

The metal partition in the trunk opening was also removed, and covered with damplifier pro and installed back into the vehicle: