Interior Wiring

As mentioned previously, every single cable and wire in the install has been covered in black and white checkered flag techflex. Here are the speaker cables for the midbass (12 gauge), midrange and tweeter(14 gauge)

The other three cables that runs through the interior is the remote turn on lead, the video rca cable from the DVD changer, and the IR eye lead for the DVD changer. As mentioned the IR lead had ends that are too big for sleeving, so it was wrapped in split loom:

The speaker wires were labeled, a theme that continues throughout the build:

Lets start with the driver side, moving from the front to the back…first, the midrange and tweeter wires fed into the A pillar area:

A fuse is tapped here which supplies power to the electric exhaust cutout, note that even non audio related cables were treated the same way:

All six pairs of speaker wires were run down the driver side, this is due to the fact that the car’s stock main power line connecting the alternator and the trunk battery runs down the passenger side, so any signal cable should stay as far away from that as possible. Here you see the bundle in the kick panel area:

As the bundle travels towards the back, it is ziptied to the factory loom every 2-3”, it also routes through the factory plastic conduit at the B pillar, and continues all the way to the rear deck area where it passes through the same grommet as the OEM wiring bundle:

Onto the passenger side, first the A pillar:

Wiring on the passenger side kick, which has quick disconnects for easy trouble shooting, the same quick disconnects are present on the driver side but tucked away behind the dash.

A fuse is tapped on the passenger side kick panel to provide charging power for the Andriod Phone/Controller.

The passenger side speaker wires, the Video RCA cable from the DVD changer, and the IR eye lead is routed behind the glovebox towards the center of the car and the driver side. The bundle is also ziptied to factory wiring every 4 inches or so. The two quick disconnects seen there is for the phone charger, this way, if we ever need to swap to a different phone and thus different hard charger, we only have to redo the wiring portion prior to this.
The blue heatshrinked part ist he connection between the video rca cable coming from the DVD changer and the Ipod/USB to video cable I made.

While the other cables ends in the center of the car, the passenger side speaker wires continue towards the driver side where it meats up with the driver side speaker cables at the kick panel as seen before. Again, secured to the car every 4” or so:

Here is the bundle traveling down the passenger side of the vehicle, treated the same way as the driver side, it contains the IR lead, the Video RCA cable and the remote turn on lead.