Completed Trunk

Moving onto the main focal point of the build…the trunk. As mentioned, I wanted to make this my ultimate fake floor install. To that end, I had to fit a huge amount of equipment in the trunk and still make it stealthy, durable and completely usable. Of course, given the amount of gear and the sheer size of the product we are using, some cargo space had to go. So the entire floor was raised up to the height of the trunk opening.

I also wanted to incorporate a small surprise for people (more on that later)

So lets take a look. Here is the normal view. We had a thick custom trunk mat made that covers and protects the entire install. Nothing can be seen what so ever:

Remote the cargo mat and here is what you see, a new fake floor with a very large center cutout, all trimmed in black carpet that has been dyed to match the slightly lighter OEM trunk carpet:

Remove the breathable grille and you are exposed to a very large trimmed well. Four Mosconi Zero amps power the entire system. If you haven’t seen them, the Zero are the new top of the line amps that sits above the AS series. They are bigger wider, features a brushed aliuminum finish, have more built in fans are overall a step up on the AS in every way.

At the front of the trunk, two zero 3s are lined up side by side, each amp sends out 2x 270 watts RMS to each Utopia midrange and tweeter. At the bottom, are two Zero1s, the left one powers the utopia midbass with 2x 450 watts RMS, while the right one powers the subs with 3000 watts RMS in normal mode, and close to 5000 watts in hyperdrive mode for brief instances! Yes this customer does want to do some SPL comps once in a while.

Speaking of the subs, they are the relaunched Illusion audio brand, and have yet to be released. These are the top of the line Carbon XL 12” subs, fresh pulled off the assembly line and air mailed to me. These subs have an excellent blend of output and SQ and can take the brunt of the Zero1. I also love the carbon weave cone.

Everything is trimmed in a panel that flush mounts the products and is painted to match the exterior of the vehicle. Anyway, its not meant to be super crazy looking, just clean and classy. here are the pics:

The rack on the passenger side of the trunk secures the pioneer premier XDV-P9 dvd changer, which as mentioned, is a secondary pure signal source, the little display next to it is the IR eye for an LED controller.

You will notice that there is a plexi border around the opening of the well, well of course that lights up with RGB million colored LED strips…lets take a look at it in a darkened garage from various angles:

So normally, that would be the end of the show…well for this car, I wanted to do something different. I have always felt that even though I spent a huge amount of time and detail on the wiring, if will almost never be seen by anyone checking out the car. Well that was going to change. So here is what can be done. The white painted board is easily popped off, and in doing so, it reveals a secondary well that is also fully finished, this time in 3M brushed aluminum wrap. Every wire has been covered in checkered flag techflex and properly terminated, and its all proudly on display. So here is the secondary “surprise” display:

You will also notice that there is a second clouded plexi border lower in the well, this also lights up and is meant to highlight the wiring and the floor. There are a wide variety of lighting mods from the controller and the two lighting rings can be the same color or totally different…lets take a look at this again in the dark:

To better demonstrate the effects of the lighting and the overall trunk, I made a lil video for you guys:

+ YouTube Video
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