Trunk Wiring

Moving onto the wiring pics of the trunk. First, the bundle on the driver side, after passing through the OEM grommet, is then secured to the OEM wiring loom every 2-3 inches all the way down to the trunk floor level, there, it is divided and located to go to their respective destinations:

On the passenger side, it’s the same story. The front door woofer, front tweeter and subwoofer signals were tapped at the output side of the stock amp and connected to Stinger speaker wires. Note techflex and heatshrink throughout:

Grommets were placed into the OEM trunk carpet on both sides to allow the cables to pass through:

This the main floor side pieces where all the wiring and accessories including barrier strips will be attached, each is designed to be bolted onto the side support platforms:

For the passenger side, four threaded inserts were used to secure the DVD changer, here it is being test fitted:

The bottom corners were trimmed out to allow wiring to pass through, (see pics later)

Starting on the driver side, three barrier strips of two different ratings allow for easy trouble shooting of the front stage. First two inserts were put down for the big strip that house the subwoofer and front midbass cables:

Once that was in place, four more inserts were put down to secure the other two strips which houses the midrange and tweeter cables:

Four inserts were used to secure the Mosconi 6to8DSP, and the DSP was then bolted in place:

A platform was built that goes over the DSP, and allows attachment of the Mosconi HLA-SUM summing device, as well as two barrier strips for the combined power ground and remote output of the two devices:

The barrier strips were then attached and prewired for the two pieces:

Turning my attention back to the passenger side, insert was put down just for the wiretie cable clamp to secure the bundle to the floor:

More inserts were put down to locate the main ground distribution blocks from Stinger.

Inserts were also added to house the platform that will house the mani power distribution:

This is the said platform, which has its own inserts for the attachment of L brackets, wiretie holddowns, and the distribution blocks:

Next, inserts were added for wiretie anchors and barrier strips for the various power ground and remote wires for everything in the trunk:

Jumpers were used on the barrier strips for distribution of power ground and remote:

Next, the various wires are organized and started to be attached to their respective spots on the barrier strips and more inserts were used to tie down wires:

Next, I decided to beef up the factory ground by adding a second grounding cable to an existing bolt hole on the floor behind the battery. The paint around the mounting hole was sanded away and the additional grounding cable attached:

The main grounding cable was then routed from the lug to the ground distribution blocks, ziptied to the anchors I had secured earlier:

Next, all the signal, power, ground and remote cables that needed to go to the driver side of the car were bundled up and ran across. It is secured to the plastic trunk trim every 3 inches or so by drilling a hole in the ledge of the trim and passing a ziptie through:

Of course an insert was used to secure the bundle on the driver side:

Next I added RCA ends to all the signal cables from the OEM amp and the DVD changer: