Top Floor and Cover

The top floor of the build is a relatively simple affair, its divided into three sections, a center portion with the large cutout, and two side pieces that would allow for easy access to all fusing and wiring. After the center section was but, duraglass was used to ensure a perfect fitment against the rear trunk trim:

Once that cured and sanded smooth, I was left with this:

Threaded inserts were installed into the bottom side along the left and right edges that would later bolt on support beams:

This piece was then wrapped with black carpet:

The two side panels were built, the right hand side has the cutout for the DVD changer, and a small cutout for the IR eye and display of the LED controller, they were then also wrapped in black carpet:

This is the cover for the dvd changer, before and after carpet, there are four tiny but very powerful neodymium magnets epoxyed to the inside that grabs onto the metal chassis of the DVD changer to hold the cover in place.

Then all the pieces were dyed to match the OEM trunk carpet:

These are the support boards that would allow the side panels to sit flush with the center piece, along with their bolts:

And the boards secured in place, forming an extra ledge:

I also wanted the main grille cover to be sturdy and presentable on both sides, so it’s a two piece design. First is the top section, with its cutouts, rabbeted top surface to attach steel mesh, and also along the outer edge to account for the carpet thickness…and inserts on the bottom side for attachment of the bottom portion:

The grille mesh was then attached over the cutouts and filler was applied to smooth out the transition:

This piece was then carpeted, and the carpet on the bottom is sunk down into the rabbeted edges:

Then came the bottom section, which is basically a match of the top interms of cutouts, but about 1/4" smaller all around:

Carpet was applied to one side, and strips of sound proofing was used to space out the middle of the board to the same thickness as the carpet:

Then two more rings were made up and carpeted, these would sit on the frame of the subwoofer and provide additional support along the middle of the grille:

Finally, all the pieces were attached together, the carpet on the bottom cutouts pushed down and secured to the bottom of the mesh, and bolts put down, making the whole thing a single grille panel carpeted on both sides:

This whole thing was then dyed to match the oem trunk carpet:

And finally, the top cover for the dvd changer was made and carpeted:

So that’s it…overall, I am extremely pleased with the look and sound of the vehicle. The stage is nice and high and a good solid center image. Tonality is quite good as well with snappy and precise midbass and smooth yet detailed midrange and highs.

I will comment upon this later after I get some more tuning done. Hopefully, those at the NORCAL car audio meet will get to see it and hear it and they can chime in with their thoughts!

So expect reviews of the subs and amps at a later date…right now, after 6 hours of typing, I am simply too tired and need a break!